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I'm absolutely starving

I'm so hungry tonight, proper hungry, I feel weak and faint and horrid. I'm on day 8 now, isn't it supposed to get easier? It wasn't this hard before, I've had nothing that could have knocked me out of ketosis. My hands and feet are proper freezing.

I did however resist stopping at the fish shop for a fish and I'm about to have a cuppa tea instead. Not going to break my 100% run so I'll get through it but I really want to whinge about it. :cry:
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I feel for you :( I am 4weeks in tomorrow and I still get brutally hungry most days, ketosis does not stop hunger for me. I have read that some call it emotional hunger but my tummy rumbles, I almost feel tummy pain out of hunger and feel sapped. Plain old hunger :(

You just have to try and distract yourself. I tend to spend tone reading posts and diaries in all the different Vlcd forums on here. Hope it passes soon for you x
I've been reading success stories to spur me on, starting to feel my fingers and toes again, the heating is up high. The urge has passed, it was the worst one yet as I really was properly hungry. I've had some boullion (my lips are sore so the saltiness hurts) and two cuppas. Might have an early night tonight as I didn't get much sleep last night. That sure was a come down from this morning's happiness. Back on track though now, I'll soon be honking.


I will do this...
Hey Smallerme - just to hijack your thread... me too! Day 7 for me, I'm freezing, my mouth tastes disgusting so I'm still in ketosis but I just want to eaaatt!

I have a feeling for me its because usually when I do a diet, I treat myself on weight in day (today) and that I've programmed myself into thinking I should be having something nice.

I feel a bit sorry for myself lol.

We can feel bad with each other - misery loves company and all that lol.

Well I have just been and treated myself, to a can of pepsi max and a trashy mag that was 50p.


I will do this...
I treated myself to a cup of peppermint tea lol - we are really pushing the boat right out eh?!lol
And for further excitement I am now tucked up in bed with my feet against the radiator, oh I know how to party.


I will do this...
That sounds like an IMMENSE idea... for me its my hands, for a little bit of wicked delight I'm putting my freezing cold hands on my OH's nice warm back. Aha!
Omg after Reading various stories on here I have decided not to do this diet. It's not worth putting yourself through suffering to lose weight. I'm definetly joining WW or SW. I just couldn't cope with feeling like that. Like you say at least with WW or whatever you can have a treat after weigh in. I have 9 stone to lose. I wouldn't be able to go without food for so long. You all deserve medals to stick to this.


really trying again!
:grouphugg:Big hugs to you both. We all have tough days but it does feel good to have a rant every now and then! I'm on a night shift wearing gloves, leggings under my trousers and 2 pairs of socks!! Very attractive look indeed (not!)

Good luck xx
Bless you Lady gaga. Thanks Starlight you have been great support for me today. I get very indecisive about things it's part of my lack of self confidence. I have been very put off by peoples posts today but I think I will give it a go. I have chopped and changed my mind a thousand times today. I have made a real fool of myself. I feel stupid. I should think before I speak. I'm a bit drunk tonight so just talking and thinking gibberish. But i want to give a go I really do. Thanks Starlight. I can't read peoples diaries as come on here from my iPod. x
You can read diaries on your ipod :) Youll find on here, as on any diet we all have bad days and good days. Theres posts on SW/WW about people struggling too.

Definitely give it a go yourself and see how you get on. Oh and remember the first few days are hardest but it DOES get easier I PROMISE!!! And believe me once you see the scales plumeting ;) THATS the absolute best incentive ever!!

Good luck with your start tomorrow and if you need any help get posting or feel free to PM me *HUGS*
Thanks Starlight if only i knew how to PM you. Lolx I haven't got a clue how to do that x thanks for giving me support. I think my doctor put me on edge. But I'm definetly going for it tomorrow. As long as it gets better then I will stick it out. I need too. I can't even climb the stairs without my knees giving way. So here's to tomorrow. Yay x thanks once again.
Today I feel fine, I see this board as a safe place to post when tough moments hit. If it's not for you that's fine, each to their own, I've chosen this way for some faster results. I get arghh moments with every diet.


I will do this...
Me too - yesterday was a tough night, today not.

But then, I get moments like these on any diet that I have done - be it WW, Xenical etc.

There's loads of diets out there to suit everyone's circumstances and you should definitely go for one that you will find suits you the most - whatever you feel suits you the most will help you achieve your goals.

Either which way you will find this forum will be here for you to help you along your way, giving you a place to vent your frustrations if your having a bad day on whatever plan your doing or shout out your achievements.

Goodluck on your journey.

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