Im ashamed to say Iv just eaten a mini pack of pringles

I have no excuse really, I was just weak :(:mad:.

There were probably loads of bad things in that packet, If I have knocked myself out of keto, how long will it take me to get back into it?

How quickly will I come out of keto now and how much weight do you think Il gain?

Thats it now, SS and ONLY SS.


Bm2lm xx
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One mini pack of pringles is not going to put on weight but it probably has knocked you out of ketosis, you will know if it has as you will feel hungry.

The main thing to do now is to put it behind you and not eat anything else as you will get rampant hungry which is then really hard to control, best thing to do is just have your packs and drink your water and get to bed early if you can or do something to distract you from food.

It is easy to be tempted and now you know it is so not worth it. Keep moving forward and don't beat yourself up, but learn from it.

Love Mini xxx
I need to be so much stronger at this.

Will it take long to see a negative on the keto stix?


Bm2lm xx


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ketosis is different for everyone but i reckon u will be back in it within 24-36 hours. just drink plenty of water and carry on the diet as if the pringles never happened. It only takes me a day to get back into ketosis after a few day/2 week break but its getting into ketosis long enough to feel the energy and feel safe from being tempted that takes me a bit longer. im sure thats just a mental thing for me tho :)

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It takesme two or three days depending on what I've eaten. The trick is not to let this lapse turn into a collapse and move on. Like Mini says if you can learn from it. The questions to ask your self is why now and see if you can figure what triggered it? Finding why we eat is half the battle - I'm still figuring my triggers out but once you do you can of strategies to get over them. I know if I'm stressed then I can be more weak-willed and I just remind myself not to take life so seriously!

You may feel a bit under the weather for a day or so but use it to make you more determined!

All the best.


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Stay Strong, and motivated, get back on track... it was just a blip!



Need help
Dont worry about it just get back on the wagon and carry on. Its just a little blip.:)

I hope they were salt and vinegar as the others weren't worth it.

Nick :D