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Im away with no drinks, Is it ok to eat this....

S: 15st6lb C: 15st6lb G: 9st6lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi all,

Only just maaged to get online and Im a bit stressed.

Im doing SS+, have been for the last 3 weeks, but Iv gone away on business and have forgotten my drinks:(:mad:

I have been without my tetra's for 3 days and have been replacing these with Half a slice of bread with a bit of butter three times a day as this is about equal to the kcals, carbs, fat etc of the drinks.

I am not in keto, hav'nt been since the beginning of SS+:(:mad: and my losses are crap to be honest, 6lbs in 3 weeks:confused::eek::sigh:

Im not going to be able to get my supply of tetras for another 3 days, am I right in thinking that the food I'm taking is ok?

Thanks for any advice/tips:)

OFM xx
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Oh no hun..... nightmare.

Bread & butter is a no no. If you must eat (which you have to) have chicken, turkey, white fish, green salad, green & white veg (cauli, brocoli, cabbage) low fat cottage cheese.

All the above are better as they are low in cals & carbs.

Hope this helps hun. xx
Personally I would of thought you should be eating a small balanced low fat low carb diet while you cant get your shakes as you wont be getting the vits and mins your body needs. Please dont make your self ill.

Hopefully some1 who knows the answer to your question will be here very soon.

Take care.xx


escaping the fat
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Meat, fish, veg. No bread, no carbs. But do not worry too much. Sometimes these things happen and you just have to get yourself back on track when you able.


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I agree with Happe. Just get back into SS+ when you are able. In the meantime chicken, fish, turkey but avoid carbs. Don't beat yourself up about this blip and whatever you do don't let this set you off on a binge - been there done and not worth it!
S: 15st6lb C: 15st6lb G: 9st6lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)

I thought if I replaced the 14grms/carbs, 14grms/protein and 130 ish of kcals with the bread etc then that would be ok.

Kcals are kcals, carbs are carbs wether they come in tetra form or bread form etc? Or am I completely wrong? My brain is a bit frazzled these days:eek:


i understand that your body feeds off carbs for energy, therefore if theres no carbs to use then it feeds off the fat, i got told to stay clear of bread carbs etc, have chicken fish cottage cheese and green veg or salad,
it not easy when you havent got your shakes, especially breakfast, must be a nightmare if you planned to stay on track, other than that go for protein foods as much as possible,


A pound at a time
Oh no! Like the others have said try to stick to protein and salads with low or no fat. Maybe eating food will be just what your body needs to kick start and when you get your shakes you will start to drop the pounds faster.

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