I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaackkkk!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by summergurl, 7 September 2009 Social URL.

  1. summergurl

    summergurl ♥3 Years Maintaining♥

    Hi guys, to those that remember me and to the new faces!! :D

    I did TFR from january 27th and lost 6st 10lbs in 21 weeks!!! But now i have had my summer, i have had 4 holidays!!! 2 of which have been abroad and all inclusive and so i am now back to get to my ultimate goal of 11st :)

    I have put on 1st 3lbs over the summer, i thought it'd be alot more so i am happy with that!

    I now have 41lbs to lose by december :) Wish me luck!!!

    I cant wait to start the shakes tomorrow, i really missed them whilst back on food, i just wish i could've lived on them!!! :giggle:

    Anyways, have to familiarise myself with all yous again as i havnt been around much on this side of the forum so expect to see alot more of me! :D xx
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  3. xsarahloux

    xsarahloux ~~someday!~~

    heya! happy to have you back Tanya! good luck hun - you'll get that shifted no worries!

    love lots xx
  4. katy73

    katy73 Silver Member

    Welcome back, best of luck and glad you enjoyed your holidays you lucky thing!
  5. JustForMe

    JustForMe Gold Member

    welcome back!!!
  6. abbey.barclay

    abbey.barclay Banned

    Welcome back, i am very glad.

    best of luck.
  7. 04624181

    04624181 Full Member

    Hi summergurl, welcome back. I will be coming back a week today. Am glad you had a good summer. Me too. Need to get to 13 stone for xmas and i will be so happy x x
  8. BlackRose

    BlackRose Gold Member

    HEY BAYBEEEEE!!! Welcome back -it's good to see ya on top form. Can't wait to see ya fly through this again! :D
  9. bigmuthabluffa

    bigmuthabluffa Full Member

    HI Summergirl, I am back too starting the same day as you hun, so lets track each other. I have put what I lost back on and am at 12st 13lbs now I want to get to 9.5st/ 10st as my goal and i am determined. so 41lbs/48lbs to go,

    Anna x
  10. summergurl

    summergurl ♥3 Years Maintaining♥

    Ahhh thanks guys :)

    I am glad to be back and can't wait to get started. I know i can going to do it, i've done it once and i will do it again although i am a little worried about my first few days. Last time it was a breeze, i didnt feel hungry or had any headaches or anything so this time im hoping its the same - although i have been told on many occassions its much much harder the 2nd time around :sigh: but i am determined :giggle:

    Having my 'last' meal today with the bf .... not too sure of what to have though? ideas?!! lol x
  11. pestydebz

    pestydebz Full Member

    Wellcome back to the fold glad you had a fab summer can't tell you anything about the diet you don't already know so i'll be asking you instead lol

    good luck x

    debz x
  12. IrishMum

    IrishMum A little of everything!

    Welcome Back Tanya!! I'll be following your journey again as you re-start looking for tips to make my re-start in a few weeks easier (if thats possible! LOL!)
    You'll do it in no time. :character00115:

  13. summergurl

    summergurl ♥3 Years Maintaining♥

    hahahhhhaaaa :rotflmao:
  14. IrishMum

    IrishMum A little of everything!

    Gotta warn the newbies to expect no mercy! ;):p
  15. Elle-Emm

    Elle-Emm Gold Member

    lol, welcome back - i'm sure you will be as determined and successful as before!!
  16. BetsyBotox

    BetsyBotox Silver Member

    Welcome back!

    Your pictures and weight loss have been an inspiration to me. You're such a LT pro. It'll be great to have your advice and experiences.

    Good luck but I doubt you'll need it!
  17. summergurl

    summergurl ♥3 Years Maintaining♥

    ah cheers guys - irish, im not that harsh am i?!!!!!!! :giggle:
  18. MiniB

    MiniB Here we go again!

    Good luck Tanya, not that you need it.

    I pity the newbies coming on here if they've had a slip up, they know not what they do! In other words get ready for an a*** whooping from you! hahahaha
  19. summergurl

    summergurl ♥3 Years Maintaining♥

    :giggle: !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. IrishMum

    IrishMum A little of everything!

    And yes, Tanya...you are!:p LOL! :D Only kidding- you're just whats needed sometimes. I know you kept me on the straight & narrow a lot! You'd better do it again when I'm back tfr-ing!
  21. Yasmine

    Yasmine One last chance

    Hiya tanya, hope you had a fab holiday.

    Back on the wagon again we go lol.

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