I'm back on the LT Train a year and a baby later....


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Hiya :wavey:

I'm Nicola, lost 2 stone with LT last year but had to stop as found out I was having a baby! Baby is now 6 months old and I am on day 2 of LT.
Finding it a bit harder than last time but I think I will survive. Just had to go food shopping with the kids and kept saying to myself ' I want to be slim more than I want that pizza/cake etc'
I have been doing SW since Charlie was born but weight loss has slowed right down and I am so tempted by the speed LT works :cool:

So Hello everyone! :wavey:
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welcome Nicola you have taken the 1st step by starting LT the best advice I can give you is to take 1 day at a time focus on today worry about tommorow when it arrives, drink plenty of water and use and abuse us (lol) when you need to
keep focused on the end goal
all the best
xx Sharron


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Hi Nicola, i hope you achieve the loss you hope for! Well done so far & good luck with it! Simone xx


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Hi Nicola,like your choice of baby name "Charlie" thats the name of my middle son...Good luck with the rest of the week! i often read on here its harder 2nd time around...but if you stay strong it wont take you too long, as you know.....so keep going your soon be in ketosis & losing fast... Caz xx


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Hi Nichola, welcome back to Lipotrim, and congrats on your baby boy!!
Youve done it before so you know the drill, first week is going to be hardest but youll have the weight off in no time and be a yummy mummy wohoo!!


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Welcome back Nicola and congratulations on your gorgeous baby.

I'm sure you'll be as successful this time as you were before. I'm sure LT will give you all the energy you'll need with the children!