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I'm back....refreshed and back on TS

Heidi hi campers.....did u miss me? Please dont say no...i'll be crushed haha.

Well i had a great holiday...and i was good! The weather was mainly nice....and even when it rained it was hot so i stuck to water ALL WEEK. Flavoured mainly but WATER all the same lol. Had a drink one night and only had 2 vodkas before i gave up. Ate healthy every day apart from one night where i had a takeaway....but i tried to stay healthy and had a grilled chicken kebab and only ate the chicken and salad with the sauce...no pitta.

Anyway to get to the best bit....i got weighed this morning and TA DA......i stayed the same!! I cant quite believe it.....but im sooo happy. So thats me back on Exante.....expecting to have the headache tomorrow but i'll be back in ketosis before u know it....yipee

I have tried to catch up on what i missed last week but there are way too many posts so just gonna say a big well done to everyone for there losses last week :D xxx
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welcome back and how fantastic that you have maintained your weight loss super and it's great for the future knowing it can be done,

i am sure as you stayed away from carbs etc you should not really get a headache as such i have been really lucky and not had them but i don't eat bread, cakes, biscuits etc since the last time i did CD so it could be why,

best of luck and hope you have a really gppd loss this week for your hard work :)


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Welcome back Mandy, it has been the longest week of my life, no one to compete against and well just missed you dear girl.

I am very chuffed that you had a good time and I have to say DAMN, I was hoping you had put on about 10lbs. No I am very glad that you have stayed the same weight and behaved yourself and would imagine that was really hard to do, lol.

So..... welcome back and may the battle commence.
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Well done, that's fab, and very encouraging as I'm off to Scotland in a few weeks and although I intend to stick to the plan, in the main, I still want to enjoy myself, so if I can maintain that week I'll be well chuffed. Good to get an idea of how hard/easy it will be to maintain in future, too. Good for you x


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Well done, that's exactly what you wanted! Welcome back. A few people seem to have dropped off since you've been away so really glad you have come back :)
Thanks everyone!

Aw no who have we lost??

Oh yes mark the battle is back on hehe, im aiming for a 10lb loss this week ince this is kind o like a restart week....that should put me in good stead haha. missed you too....its funny how reliant you get on this site eh? xx


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well done babystar i bet your overjoyed that you stayed the same you should give your self a pat on the back not many people come back staying the same xx
Thanks Rose, i truly am thrilled lol. I always said id go on holiday and just eat what i want and enjoy myself...but when it came down to it, i couldnt do it. I didnt want to put any back on...and to be honest, after bein TS even getting to eat chicken and salad etc was like a huge treat so i didnt feel like i was missing out! I had an ice-cream one day (tut) but on that day we were at a zoo and walked for miles so im pretty sure thats why i got away with it lol x


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S: 15st0lb C: 14st7lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 32.8 Loss: 0st7lb(3.33%)
This is constantly on my mind with only 2 weeks till my holiday. I don't want to be in the position of seeming awkward because I wont eat potatoes, chips, pizza, pasta etc and I'm more than happy to live on chicken salad. The problem is that I will be staying with a 'feeder' lol.
I'm just going to haver to persuade her to fill my plate with salad and veg and leave the other stuff off!
Never eat because others want you to. if you go on holiday and want t eat those things, do it, enjoy and get back on track when u get home, but dont be persuaded into eatin things u dont want to eat. xx


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well done mandy, as u can see we are still here, i do hope i don;t pile it on when i go next month, i am all inclusive and i was thinking of sticking to low carbs like the atkins, then at least i can eat meat n salads, what was u eating, u done so well, even if it was to pee mark off lol, just hope i can do the same. x
Hehe ty shirley.....

Mornings i had a cappucino, during the day we were out all day every day so i prepped some veggies, fruit etc to nibble on, and at night i stuck to grilled fish, chicken, cold meats etc with salad or vegies. One night i had a chicken kebab and one day i had an ice-cream. And had a couple vodkas one night. Didnt totally limit myself but didnt go overboard either....and i still had a fab time :)


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similar to what i want to do then, stick to healthy stuff, and in aug i reckon it be bloody hot, so hope to lose lots of sweat. I will be swimming also. Just so weird, i am actually finding this easier as the days pass, and i am beginning to realise i can change my habbits.
for once in my life i feel i have control, and i not felt like this for a long time.
Its a great feeling isnt it? I thought id go and totally blow it for a week but i didnt.....and it made me realise i am in control of what i eat and food no longer controls me....

And its made me realise that i can maintain when the time comes xx

Have to say tho, on holiday still allow yourself treats....you do o to have a good time afterall. xxx


is slowly shrinking
S: 15st9lb C: 14st5lb G: 13st8lb Loss: 1st4lb(8.22%)
yes as long as i good 75% of the time should be ok, but i have 2 weeks out there, so i will have to gain control, i remember putting 101b in a week once, that is just disgraceful.


is slowly shrinking
S: 15st9lb C: 14st5lb G: 13st8lb Loss: 1st4lb(8.22%)
sure is, it took me approx 2 months to lose it on ww, and a week to put back on, hope i learnt my lesson, and a hard 1 it was, i thought i might of put a few on, but 10 is disgusting, what a pig.

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