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Im bored and hungrey.... HELP!



Loves VLCD's !
Recognise than boredom is a trigger for you and occupy yourself, play music, dance around the room, ring a friend, anything. Will eating that food make you less bored ? Will you be happy with yourself 30 mins after you finish eating ?

Remind yourself why you are doing this. Know that you are a strong person and can get through this. Drink water instead
Good luck!
No, thats true.

Just on TV all I keep seeing is food :(


Staff member
I like to play with my virtual model and see myself slim and with a new hair do:)

My Virtual Model - Home

Your doing so well and this is the time the old chatterbox seems to become activated.

So see it for what it is.

Love Mini xxx
Can I not just have a bowl of peas?


Staff member
Peas are high in calories...

Calories in Peas, Green

Stick with your diet and you will be finished sooner rather than later.:)

Love Mini xxx
Yes it in your head, so stick with it by doing something and the craving will past. Just think being slim is more important and that white sauce is your enemy.


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