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I'm doing rubbish!!

I hadnt lost any weight for 2/3 weeks so I upped my calories which is meant to boost your metabolism and make you lose weight again, It seemed to work and sometime last week I weighed myself and had lost about 4lbs [within a week] so brilliant I thought. But then I weighed today and It's suddenly come back to where I was before I upped the calories, now theres no way I could gain that back in a week and I know I havent eaten any really bad foods or changed anything so it must just be the dreaded evil plateau .

Any one know of any ideas of making me start losing weight again I only have 10 lbs to lose now [till I reach my goal but may carry on after depending on how I feel] and it feels like I'm never going to get there.

Oh also what do we think about cross trainers - I'm thinking about buying one, will it be worth it or not??

Thanks guys :eek:
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No idea on the cross trainer but i know exactly how mean with the weight loss, it does my head in. I will lose 3lb like i have been then i will stay the same, its so frustrating!!
All you have to do is stick with it and hopefully it will come back to give you a nice surprise...


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Hi, congrats on the wonderful weight loss so far! The last stone or so is a real git to shift - you have to be a bit crafty and try a few new things to get it off, I think.

Your fluctuation in weight during the week could all depend on the time of day you weighed at, how much fluid you've taken in, your time of the month, how regular your digestive system is... all that stuff. A 4lb change does sound like you maybe weighed before or after drinking a lot of fluid? I've found that my weight can vary by up to 8lbs during a single day, so it can be demotivating to weigh too often!

I hit a plateau myself... it's taken me several months to get the last stone off. Like you, I've been upping my calories gradually and just trying to be patient. Something else I've tried, though, which seems to have worked well is varying what I eat day-to-day, mixing up the quantities and the times I eat it. I think if you get stuck in a routine, you're more likely to keep coming up against that brick wall of a plateau. If you keep your body guessing and try incorporating new foods and meals, and changing the times you eat those meals, it seems to wake your metabolism up a bit.

I'm not an exerciser myself, but many moons ago I bought an elliptical trainer in one of those phases of overweight desperation. The best workout I ever got was putting the thing together! It now resides in the garage. But if you've got the will power and you enjoy exercise, it can be a tremendous bonus in breaking through a plateau and shifting the last bit of weight.

Good luck!
thanks, i always weigh on a morning before i eat anything and dont have a 'totm' due to the pill i'm on [lucky me!] i'm trying the mixing the eating routine up this week to see how that goes and maybe if i do buy the cross trainer putting it together will give me a work out even if the x trainer doesnt lol ;)


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Maybe they're on the blink? I got the glass weightwatchers one myself recently and it gives you quarter pound increments, but you have to give it a sharp bash with your toes to turn the thing on... and its recent readings have been a tad bizarre! Maybe it's concussed from all the bashing.

Maybe the old trusty doctors' style scales are the best? Who knows.


Where can i get the weightwatcers scales from??? cheaply? :) Id love to know how close i am to that lb coming off rather than waiting and hoping...


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Ebay's always good. There's an auction right now for the glass ones: weight watchers ultra slim designer glass scale on eBay (end time 16-Jul-09 19:16:23 BST)

Your other best bet is Amazon.

They don't do bodyfat or anything, but you can choose pounds, kilos or stones and pounds, and you get the small increments.

I don't know how reliable they are, though, I mean the measurements seem steady if you get off and get on again... but they've been giving me a loss every time I've stepped on them, so I'm wondering if that's accurate. They need a good tiled floor, too. I tried them on a rug and they told me I was 5 stone 5! :p
Where can i get the weightwatcers scales from??? cheaply? :) Id love to know how close i am to that lb coming off rather than waiting and hoping...
Do you have a Home Bargains near you? They had a pair of glass digital ones in there for £10 the other day. Sods law as I had just bought some Salter ones for £20 just over a month ago.
maybe! I think i might pop in to boots in the next few days [ on a morning before ive ate like i always weigh] if i have time and use their proper ones to see that they say as i have to give mine a bash to turn them on too.
I do have a home bargains but they never have scales from when i have seen
I got my digital scales for Llodys chemist for about £15 ... bit like the WW one's you have to tap with you foot to start it wait for it to bleep then get on them... i tend to do my weight 3 times as they can give me 3 different readings :sigh: but my doctors scales make me 7lbs lighter ! ohhh how lovely heehee but i know mine are more correct from doing CD ... digital is the way !
argos are also good as you can take them back if you don't like them

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