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I'm falling off the wagon big time, need your support :-(

It's that time of the month when I want to eat anything and everything in sight and I've been doing a pretty good job of it too. I don't keep chocolate in the house anymore as I can't stop at one bar, but as there's been no chocolate I've been eating anything I can lay my hands on to try to satisfy that 'need' for my fave treat. Trouble is, I just keep on eating and I never feel like I've had my treat! So next month I am going to get the darn chocolate!
I lost 11 pounds by August and I've now I've put 6 back on. :break_diet: It could partly be fluid retention, it could be because I've started taking Utovlan (to delay the dreaded P - some of you might remember me saying on another thread that hub and I are off to Spain tomorrow to celebrate our wedding anniversary)but I've also stopped taking Xenical as they were making me feel nauseous.
Please could someone give me a kick up the backside and give me a good talking to. I feel like a naughty school girl because I just sit here and munch and no one can see, and it's not until the scales go up that I regret it :cry:
So now I'm going away feeling like a fat lump of lard with summer clothes that are too tight and looking 6 months pregnant instead of feeling gorgeous :wave_cry:

Ok, that's the feel sorry for myself bit over with. I need a plan!
I have to go back on Xenical when I get back next Thursday, I have to religiously watch fat grams and cals, and I have to have to get some exercise. I hate going to gyms (and besides I can't spare the money for one) so it will have to be walking or jogging. I was going to start jogging with my mum last month, but she's very busy helping my sister through a messy divorce that we haven't actually been out yet so I need to stop waiting and just get down to it on my own.
I also need someone to report to, someone to keep me on the straight and narrow, someone to be honest to about what I've done, and someone to give me a talking-to when I'm slipping. You guys up for it? You seem to be online alot like me. Can I report in with you guys everyday?
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I need that too so you can report in to me and I can report in to you :D

I've just sat and eaten a small custard after having a good low cal lunch :(

I hope you can get back on track hun.
Of course you can 'report' to us.........but you will get this if you are naughty:whoopass:

Go on holiday...have a fab time..........and jump back on board when you get back:D


Go on smile! =)
I love when beki uses it on me x


gunna be a fatty for ever
come on mrs!! u can dooooo this! im always here! u go have fun on ya hols! and come back an i'll crack my whip young lady!!

Hello I am new to this thread, Just want to say we all have tough times and any diet is hard and your going to have ups and downs. Good Luck I hope you get past the tough part huni. xx
I love when beki uses it on me x
:giggle: well i've been bad so you can use it on me this time :giggle:

i've made terrible food choices the last couple of days. back on track today.. had weetabix for brekkie *polishes halo* :D
your welcome to use us for support thats what we are here for :) x
it took me 3 weeks to get 'back on track' after my hols, so you have that to beat!!!!

you CAN do it!!! look at all the goals you HAVE achieved...a little holiday and the moodies isnt going to stop you from losing more weight is it?

Nah....c'mon girl!!! enjoy your hols and we will see you here thurs with your post being, i took my tablet!

hi everyone,
thanks for your replies. Hub and I had a lovely relaxing break and I'm back. I'm not quite back on track but I am trying. I haven't taken Xenical for quite a while as it really messed up my cycle (it's great having no periods but not so great when your stomach feels like it's about to explode and the PMT is everlasting!)
Amazingly, despite this, and despite indulging in 15 squares of Dairy Milk last night I have finally lost one pound!
Daughter and I are going out for a jog later, my first jog in months!
I hope to be able to report in again soon with even more good news :innocent0001:


gunna be a fatty for ever
woooop glad u had a good hol! ... 15 squares of choccie! yummmmmmmmmmmm!
woooop glad u had a good hol! ... 15 squares of choccie! yummmmmmmmmmmm!
it was a bit excessive, but I have just done an hour on the Wii Fit to make up for it :D


gunna be a fatty for ever
1 hour on wii?? tottaly deserved then ! :)
welcome back, glad you had a good hol
1 hour on wii?? tottaly deserved then ! :)
yep, a whole hour, but that's my trouble...fits and starts...never constant!

Confession...went to a coffee afternoon today and had a chocolate eclair with real cream! I don't think 20 mins on the Wii today will sort that out do you? :D


gunna be a fatty for ever
try 2 hours u naughty girl!!!:whoopass: heheheh oooooh what did it taste like>?
heaven, quite simply...heaven.
I'm paying for it now though. I've only taken 2 blue pills this week and I'll need to buy more loo roll at this rate :sick0019:

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