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i'm feeling very unhappy!!

I know the feeling!! By the way I think you're doing really well diet wise. I had a quick look at your other post earlier. Good luck with the rest of your journey.

Aww Lou,
Sorry to hear you're down:sigh:. Just wanted to say hi and that I'm thinking of you
thanks guys you always know when to cheer me up....

if anyone else feels like writing a list of their 'hates/dislikes' feel free we might as well share our sh*tty lives LOL


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I hate the short days of the winter.
I hate the cold.
I hate this windy weather.
I hate being fat.
I hate being so bloody slow at losing weight (30 years, has to be a record?)
I hate that all the things I like are now supposed to be bad for me.

Blimey, I could go on and on.......
i think i have sorted one thing out. i have had to speak to my cdc today as i physically can not afford all 28 packs next week and after much discussion with my cdc we have agreed to do 1 pack a day and she will tell me what i can eat along side it.
Aww, Louisa, I'm thinking of you.

Don't know about you but certainly I would be spending that on grub anyway???!!!

JO xxx
hi jo i know what you mean but we wouldnt of been able to do a food shop this week either and would of been eating the cupboards/fridge/freezer bare...

i dont have a credit card, cheque book, savings or overdraft so when i have no money i really mean i have no money. i just have 2 extremely large bills tomorrow that will not wait (i've called the companies) so they have to be paid which then left me -£30 so something had to give. my husband doesnt get paid till first week in feb so i couldnt borrow off him.
Crap isn't it Louisa - the money thing.

I hate money too ... but only when I don't have any (which is 99.9% of the time)

Your CDC will advise you on how to eat sensibly so you'll continue to lose weight. I've been on 790 for a week and stayed in ketosis and although that may not happen on your new short-term plan, you can still keep your carbs down and have good results.

We're all with you x
mine hasnt mentioned anything to me cause i have such a vast amount to loose i think she can only see ss being an option for me unless my doctor told me not to, and as i am 'relatively' healthy for someone of my size his given me the go ahead.

i'm assuming the least you could have is 7 a week as that is still maintaining
Hiya sorry to but in but my CDC tried me on healthy eating plan as i'm on a higher plan anyway and was quite happy just for me to go to get weighed with no shake purchasing atall so i think it all depends on your cdc

i HATE loving BAD unhealthy foods
i HATE feeling crappy
i HATE being a woman sometimes
grr grr grr
Goodness insisting on a month at a time!! Maybe she thinks you need the motivation of having spent the money!

I have people that only buy 7 a week for different reasons, and its not a problem.
No, he told me he is no tallowed to sell less than a months worth which for me is 28 days x 4 sachets a day!! Definately more than 7. Ah well. I have a HUGE mixing bowl filled with them all and they don't seem to be going down!