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I'm going on holiday tomoro!


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I went to florida for 2 weeks and totally stuffed myself (I had two steaks that had a combined weight of 45oz!:eek:)! I only put on 5lbs and my first week back on ss I lost 6lbs!:D
Don't worry about it hun just enjoy your holiday and we'll all still be here when you get back to help you get back on the CD wagon!;)
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I just recently had a weekend in Benidorm and managed to put 13lb on in a week :eek:

Lost 6lb of it straight away, but still can't manage to shift the other 7lb :mad:

Enjoy yourself and don't worry about it, life is tooo short. You can get back on the wagon as soon as you get back.

Theresa x


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Well I guess you've got 2 choices either try and be good and avoid carbs or have what you want and worry about it when you get home. Holidays are so infrequent that it's not worth being miserable and denying yourself, just have a fabulous time and think about how far you've come and getting back on the wagon when you get home.

Good luck . x


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I went on holidays for a week and attended a wedding ...the owner of the restaurant where we were having the wedding meal was also on my diet so he was very understanding and his staff went of our their way offering to make up my shakes etc.:)

It can be done.

I know I felt very happy with myself when I came home and seen the scales down by 3.5lb:D

You can do it!

Enjoy your holiday.

Love Mini xxx


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I was so interested to see this thread. My sisters are after the three of us to have a holiday in about 4 weeks time. I have made so many excuses as to why I can't but the real reason is that I don't want to stop CD. You have made me think again.
I hope you have a fantastic holiday.
Deb X


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i went on holiday in june. 2 weeks in Lanzarote, i had a fry up every single day for breakfast, drank fizzy juice, had a toastie or burger for lunch and a normal meal at dinner time with maybe 3 tops drinks a night. somehow, only god knows how, i didnt put on any weight! not even half a pound! i thought i was gonna pass out with shock when i stepped on my cdcs scales!! anyway only thing i can think is that i walked about quite a bit but to be honest i dont know how i did it!

good luck, enjoy ur holiday!!!


I am going abroad in 6 weeks time, first ever trip abroad and it's an all inclusive holiday so I am not going to do CD while I am there. I was going to wait until I came back to start CD, however, I decided that I should get going straight away, lose as much as I could before. Have a well deserved holiday and enjoy it, then as soon as I come back, get straight back on it. I then won't have a break for 12 weeks (Christmas!) although then I'll try and restrict it.

I think my point is that as long as you have enjoyed your holiday and got straight back on the diet when you get back! x

I'm hoping I might have as much luck as Lisa - but even if I dont then I will just work to get off the weight gain :D

Lisa Marie

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I've just had a week in Greece was sensible during the day food wise then enjoyed what I fancied for my evening meal and had a few drinks every night and I put 2lb on. Whatever you choose to do have a fantastic time.
I had a few days in spain in april gained 6/7 pounds..i drank ALOT though......does drink make you gain more?like alcohol drink cuz of all the calories? sorry if silly question
Yep, alcohol makes you gain weight (that's why it's called a beer belly ;))
Especially alcopops etc.

Vodka and coke zero, anyone? :)
omg im so jelouse i havent cheated just moving up the plans becuase having medical stuff done soon and ive put on 4 since tuesday and i havent even had the fab holiday why mw hwy me whY meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :(:( ps have a fab holidays lol i do mean it loooooool