I'm going to a SW consultant recruitment meeting thingy!


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.... just because i'm curious! It's not until March and I dare say i'll be sworn to secrecy but i'm really looking forward to it! Wish I was a bit thinner though, I know you don't have to be at target to go but I bet there'll be loads of women who are skinnier and more confident.

I don't know whether I have the right personality to be a consultant, but I used to be an Ann Summers organiser so am not particularly daunted by standing up infront of people... I just imagine it's easier when you're holding a 10lb black ribbed knobbler! lol!
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Wow good luck yamyam, I really hope you get to be a consultant!! When I went to SW classes my consultant was well over 18 stone so I can't imagine there are any weight restrictions, that being said she didn't motivate people. I think in a way you need to see a before and after person so that you can sit there and think "I want to be like her"!!!