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Im going to be in the sun paper tomorrow !

Hi, sorry haven't posted for a while!

Just wanted to let you know that i'm going to be in the sun tomorrow on the 'fit squad' page, where they show before and after pictures. Ive lost 10 stone 3, and on the day of the photo shoot i weighed exactly 10 stone 3 as well, so was exactly half the person i was thanks to cambridge!!!!

Polly x
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buy that paper cant wait to see it how long did it take you polly??? was the shoot fun ??
:wow: :wow: :wow: :wow: :wow: :wow: :wow:

Well done you!!!!
You must be soooo proud!!!
What an inspiration..
I will pick up a paper 2moz and have a look at you

Well done again


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Thanks for letting us know!!!

Will be sure to buy the Sun tomorrow:D

Well done and congratulations!!!
Kittycat- i started in May and was pretty much done by christmas, (so did almost 10 stone in 8 months) then just maintained thru jan, lost a few more pounds in feb, but a couple of weeks ago went on all inclusive holiday and ate loads, so put a few pounds on and so back on the diet for a few weeks before going back into maintenance

the photo shoot was good fun, just feeling really nervous now as i don't know what they will have written and what photos they are going to use!!!



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did u contact them as my dads always said he would love to see me in it are you gonna be in any other papers mags ??
did they pay you ??
i'd entered cambridge slimmer of year last year and sun had contacetd cambridge, who passed my details on to them. they paid me £200 and expences, and I got copies of all the professional photos. No other papers/mags have contacted me.

To be honest, wasn't looking to do the whole magazine thing, but when sun contacted me i thought it would be really good way of letting other people who were in my position know about the diet. id never heard of cambridge and wish i'd discovered it years ago!!!!!!
OOH I'll get The Sun tomorrow. You must feel amazing having lost all that weight. I started off with 10 stone to lose too. 2 of that is gone now but still a long way to go. I love reading about other people who have succeeded. It makes me feel more sure that I can do it too.
Papers/magazines do have a knack of slightly twisting what you say, so everyone take note, and Polly do let us know if they have quoted you wrong, believe me hun i know from experience how you can say one thing and they put what you said in a different context!!!!
You may get a magazine wanting your story after the paper, do ask how much they will pay and say you have had a couple of other offers and you are going to take the best offer, even if you havnt, play them, they can afford it.
I'll try and remember to get it, although i think it can also be viewed online.


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Congratulations!!! :wow:


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Polly just viewed it on line and you look amazing !!!
:wow: :wow: :wow: :wow: :wow:
nice to see nikki waterman in favour of vlcds
Wow just read the online version, you look great, years younger a totally different woman,,well done, congratulations you deserve the publicity, you've worked so hard to reach your goal..:D :D :D :D


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S: 18st2lb C: 15st2lb G: 12st2lb Loss: 3st0lb(16.54%)
Congratulations and very well done you look fabulous:D

Fantastic achievement:clap:

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