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Im going to cry.....

Im sat at work really really wanting to eat. Not just for the sake of eating, im HUNGRY, weak and feel all lifeless.......im in a little battle which is telling me that if i eat i will feel better but if i dont i wont have to sacrifie a weight loss or have to go through getting into Ketosis again.
im really torn and i want to cry......ive had 2 packs so far today and 2lts water and im stuck here till about 7.30 tonight for a stupid meeting.

HELP please i feel so low.
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Please don't eat KWB - you'll feel worse for it sraight afterwards, tonight or tomorrow. It won't stop at one little thing and then you'll feel guilty and undo all the hard work you've done.

Can you cancel the meeting tonight??? Say because of weather?? or you are not feeling up to it??? Go home then and snuggle up with your husband on the sofa.
no such luck im afraid. im having to join my manager at a steering group meeting (seeing as im taking over as manager while she is off on maternity leave) and there is no way in hell she will let me go home.
i really really want to cry. i just feel so torn. :cry: :cry:
i know ive done really well so far, ive had some great 'on top of the world' days and im so pleased about my losses and the way things have been going. but i really do feel at my lowest today.
Oh I'm sorry hun - but still please do not eat - it won't be worth it. Stay on here ........ not a lot of peeps around - but go in the arcade - anything but eating!!

I'm off to Docs now - my neck is agony and I think i've trapped a nerve. Managed to get an appointment without being dead first!!!

Take care - and catch you later!
hope you feel better soon. and thanks for replying xxxxx

Try to get the chatterbox out of your head by forcing yourself to think of other things or doing something that takes your mind away from the chatterbox. I find this always helps me. Get busy doing something else!!

Take care,


Silver Member
Hope youre still hanging on in there and having given into temptation. Do you have any other packs with you? If you do maybe you could try having 1/2 of one or even a full one if needed. It would be better to have 4 today if you feel that bad rather than eat food.

Take care
im still here....not eaten...but that bl**dy chatterbox is gonna get a poke in the eye in a minute. it feels like im in a cartoon with a little devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other.....
ive got a choc tetra with me, so i think im gonna give that a go.
why is everything so difficult today?! lol
Its strange how some days are just harder than others, mine luckily was on a weekend and I went to bed. Hopefully the choc tretra will help you, I always keep a spare in my desk at work just in case. What about making it into a couple of hot chocolates?


Minimins gal x
im still here....not eaten...but that bl**dy chatterbox is gonna get a poke in the eye in a minute. it feels like im in a cartoon with a little devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other.....
ive got a choc tetra with me, so i think im gonna give that a go.
why is everything so difficult today?! lol

Hun give the friggin chatterbox a serious kick up the arse, u r doing so well hun, u can do this, heat up your chocky tetra and stay chatting 2 us, we r here for u xx


Staff member
Hi Keelie,

This is a real danger point for you:( can you have a hot cup of coffee or tea to help? Peppermint tea:rolleyes:

Are you just bored maybe!

Your chatterbox sounds a bit like mine when it gets going, it can convince me of all sorts of things and talk me out of doing the diet and each time it does I end up kicking myself.

But I know when it gets hold it is very hard to shake it off.

So what do you think you are going to do...

Stay on your diet drink more water, cold or warm?

Stay on your diet drink more water and have a split extra pack. Perhaps the other half later?

Stay on your diet and have a bit of chicken protein?

Or dive off the diet into the nearest shop?

All I know talking from experience is that each slip I take two steps back and I am the one who is dragging this weight loss journey out and at times making it more difficult than it needs be.

Sending hugs I feel for you Keelie.

Be sure to look at your own weight tracker and see how very well you are doing.

Love Mini xxx
thanks Roch and Blitz.
i can only drink the choc tetras hot...yummy. im just so cold i cant bear to move away from the heater to put the kettle on! how lazy!
Hi, the others may not agree - but if you are truely starving - how about having some chicken slices or similar. Shouldn't knock you out of ketosis - and may get you through without falling off the wagon completely.

Please disgregard - if you think the best thing is to try and stay off the food completely.
oh mini, thaks honey. ;)
im determined to stay with the diet, im gonna drink more water and a tetra because i know from experience (last year, when i got all messed up) how hard i could make it for myself.
but this stupid little CB keeps clinging on to me, wearing me down.....just SOD OFF chatterbox!!!


*dainty cough*....im feeling a little better now. :D
Dani, thanks for your suggestion but im vegetarian and stuck in a shop/office on my own only surrounded by crisps, sweets, chocolates, shortbread (mmm shortbread!) and the like.
i couldnt even get hold of some chicken (or other) if i tried! ill just have to ride it out. xxxxxx
grrr, just when i thought CB had gone quiet....she rears her ugly head and starts shouting louder.
Do they do chatterbox removals on the NHS?

We all know how you are feeling in fact it has happened to me many times and that is probably why I haven't lost the weight yet.

It is just a bad day and the day will seem so long with that meeting BUT you can get over today and let's hope that tomorrow is a totally different day.

I'd say don't have anything apart from the packs and water and then tonight you'll feel so pleased you didn't stray.

Irene xx


Queen of the Damned
Hey honey bee - how you doing? Sorry only just seen this. Stay strong - you know you can do it xx

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