I'm going to wear a dress and look good this summer!

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  1. Samiyah

    Samiyah Member

    I'm aiming to get rid of 3 stones of weight following simple start.

    I've started the day with a bowl of porridge and blueberries, lunch is a warburton thins chicken and salad sandwich with some soup, dinner is chickpea curry with brown rice followed by strawberries and yoghurt.

    I hope that sounds ok!
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  3. Samiyah

    Samiyah Member

    Today I had no breakfast (in a rush at work), lunch was baked potato and beans, dinner was veg rice with tandoori chicken and a liberte yoghurt. no snacks :)
  4. Samiyah

    Samiyah Member

    I've done an exercise dvd this morning. Yay!
    My food plan for today is - porridge and blueberries, warburtons thin salad sandwich and soup, chicken casserole
  5. Samiyah

    Samiyah Member

    Exercise dvd done :)
    Breakfast is porridge with blueberries, lunch soup and sandwich, dinner spaghetti, prawns, rocket, salad. Snacks are yoghurt and fruit.
  6. Samiyah

    Samiyah Member

    No exercise dvd this morning but I did go for a long brisk walk.
    Food was porridge again for breakfast, pasta with 1tblsp pesto and salad, yoghurt, dinner is chicken and veg plus 2 pieces of dark choc later.

    I always seem to get slack on the weekends. I'm really going to try to stay strong and not undo all my good work.
  7. Samiyah

    Samiyah Member

    Exercise dvd done yesterday morning, I had a meal out yesterday with family at my mums. I'm sure I ended up going way over yesterday.
    I had a late night so no dvd this morning but I will go for a long walk.
    Breakfast is just a coffee today as I ate quite late last night and I'm really not hungry.
    Lunch will be soup and a thins sandwich. Dinner will most likely be a healthy roast and veg or a one-pot stew. It depends on how much energy I have later :)

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