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I'm having a dinner party!

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Im throwing a dinner party in 2 weeks time for 6 guests (inc me and my OH) and im planning to do everything SW style.

Firstly, has anyone done a dinner party and cooked everything SW style before? If so, how did it go and did you choose a green, red or EE menu?

Secondly, im going to tell my guests that everything is SW friendly but im thinking of doing this AFTER they have eaten. The reason behind this is to ensure they dont pre-judge the food and assume its all 'diet' and tasteless. What is everyones thoughts on this?

Finally, in terms of a menu i think i may go for:

Nibbles - mini SW quiches, chilli and pineapple

Starter - Sweet Potato and Coconut Soup and Spicy Chilli chicken and vegetable shish kebabs with a cucumber and mint dip

Main - Carribbean lamb stew with 'sauted' potato's and a side of fruity rice and peas

Dessert - Crepes (SW pankcakes!) with forrest fruits (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries) and vanilla cream (flavoured quark!)

I think the above would all be perfect if i was doing EE?

Also, cheeseboard - yay or nay?

All help and advice would be appreciated!
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Mrs V

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This is a fantastic menu Hun and I would definitely go with EE!!
I wouldnt tell your guests that it is "diet" food, purely as you put it...it will be prejudged.
Go for it!
S: 19st2lb C: 11st3lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 23.2 Loss: 7st13lb(41.42%)
Aww fab - thanks Mrs V.

Im so excited - i love cooking for people and i cant wait to see their faces when i tell them its all SW recipes!
I've done a couple before. I did an Indian night where I made veg bhajis with yoghurt and mint dip to start, a potato and spinach curry (for me) and a meat curry (sw style) for the others, fragrant rice and mushroom bhaji. I did fresh fruit salad in little balls to finish, garnished with mint leaves.
No-one guessed!

I've also done seared scallops with apple compote, a lamb casserole with veg and "creamy" rice pudding in the winter and again, no-one knew!

Your menu sounds fab and I wouldn't tell anyone before hand because people will judge it as diet food before they've eaten it! Shock em aftewards!

As for the cheese board, oh gosh, I love a cheese board but I can't leave it alone. I always have one and always over indulge so it's up to you, how strong is the old will power!


Slow but sure....
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Sounds wonderful and I bet your guest's won't guess it's 'diet' food unless you tell them, good luck with it. X


Nojo on the YoYo
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Yeah deffo don't tell them they are on SW until the end of the night!

I would have EE too, so you can have as much rice and chips and meat as you want.

I'm having OH's parents over soon and was thinking of having a Greek night. Vine leaves, kebabs, kleftico, stifado, houmus. Only thing is, I can't have baklava, so I might forgo dessert. Mind you, they will hopefully all be too stuffed for it anyway so might offer fruit kebabs with sweetened Quark with petit fours of mini amaretto biscuits and chocolate truffles that I can syn.
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That sounds fantastic.. can i come :D lol!

and totally agree, dont tell them till after :D i did a sw dinner for sister once, and unfortunatly she critised it the whole way through because she knew, yet every thursday she comes round and i cook her dinner, its sw friendly and she doesnt bat an eyelid and compliments my cooking, .. and i'v never told her its 'diet' food LOL.

your menu sounds fantastic, but maybe you could use some syns to have a drop of proper thick cream with your 'crepes'.. that'd be yum after such good food. x
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I hold regular dinner parties and my last one was my first SW friendly party. I went for a curry theme and it's all green as i am veggie

So we had

syn free bhajis and handmade 1.5 syn vegetable samosas to start
I made a free raita dressing to go with these

Main course was:
Quorn and vegetable curry (sauce recipe taken from the sauce book)
and Chana Masala (double quantities so it was another curry) Both Free
with Rice and poppadoms for those who wantd them


I made scan bran ferrero rocher and put it in a blender with some ice cream. Once i had totted it up i think each portion was just shy of 5 syns

(if things are presented well, the quantity wont matter too much!)

So not completly syn free but a bad effort nonetheless

Your menu looks V.Tasty! i think it will go down a treat

and definitley dont tell them! chances are they wont know! and it will be one over for you when you tell them!
S: 19st2lb C: 11st3lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 23.2 Loss: 7st13lb(41.42%)
Jaylou - did you tell your guests before or after that it was all SW friendly?

In terms of the cheese board, im not a huge cheese fan so i will be ok. I might just have a little nibble with a couple of grapes. I think i might get about 4 different cheeses and then before i serve tell them that the rest of the meal was SW so they dont assume all the cheese was part of the plan after :p They would all be signing up in no time - lol!!

Vixxter - your menu sounds awesome - so many different flavours to choose from and i love greek cooking - i reckon it will be a winner hun!
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Sounds a lovely menu but I couldn't do the cheese board, I love cheese to much and would just eat it and the left over afterwards.
I definately wouldn't tell them its a SW menu, before or after, as already been said, people pre judge, and if they don't pre judge they pick over the bones afterwards. Just enjoy yourself and have a lovely evening.

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