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I'm hungry!!

I've woken up this morning and I'm bloomin well starving:(

I weighed again with no clothes on and I'm exactly the same as I was last night!

Did a ketostix and its in the pink so somehow i've managed to stay in ketosis during my break away. If thats the case then I dont know why I am so hungry this morning! I usually dont need a shake until at least 11ish or sometimes 12 but today i reckon i'll be having my first before 10.

Found an old packet of chewits in the cupboard last night - i've been dreaming about that packet for about 10 weeks! Decided i would eat them as i'd had a few days eating and so thought i would get all the damage done in one shot! Opened the first one and they had gone all soft and mushy - impossible to eat so that solved that one!:):D

Think I will be on here quite abit today as I know the next few days are going to be tough while i try to get myself back into it fully. Very tempted today but will REALLY try to keep on the straight and narrow. I just hope the hunger passes....
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Hi Jodi...try splitting your meal and packs today into smaller ones...this might help.
Your body stills think's it's in Istanbul and will getting something to eat soon. Keep Gluggling.

Good luck, well done so far you're doing great.
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Hi JodieJoJo

Firstly, well done on managing to stay the same and in ketosis after your trip to Istanbul, that is quite an achievement in itself. The hunger is probably just because you have had a few days of eating and with my experience of AAM eating does tend to make you feel hungry - whether it is physical because of the chewing action or psychological who knows but I think it is entirely natural. Try and stick with if for a day or two and I am sure you will be back into the swing. Don't spoil your hard work you have done so well this far and also whilst on holiday! Good luck!

PS so jealous, I have an ongoing love affair with Turkey after honeymooning there 15 years ago and go to Kalkan every year. Haven't been to Istanbul yet but it is on the hit list.

I've never been to Kalkan Georgie but i bet its beautiful. I met my husband when I went on holiday to Marmaris 8 years ago. We try to get back as much as we can but havent managed to get over there for the last 18 months due to various commitments.

All of the family live in Istanbul so its great to go and visit. You must go there - its very different from the holiday towns but beautiful in its own way. There are loads of things to see and great shopping!

Hi Jodie.. u r doing really well so don' spoil it now, just a few more day's and u'll be fine. As u know.. ive just finished my first week back ssing and i was starving, but today i feel fine, so hang in u hav'nt got far to go.
thanks Linda. It is so hard to get back into isnt it? While i was away, although i ate, none of it was "naughty" and i kept my portions small. However, now i am back i am so hungry and i seem to be having cravings for all of the naughty stuff!

I know I haven't got much further to go but this last stone seems to be taking an eternity to shift! My body is clinging onto the last stores of fat for dear life! lol
I know ur body hangs on to the last few pounds.... believe me, ive been there... but it does give it up in the end, so hang on.... u will get there.
soontobe - yea thats what i thought - there seems to be so much conflicting advice on which plan to follow at which weight/bmi.

I think my body is probably ready for 1000 - i'll ask my cdc at my weigh in on thursday

hi sweetie, oh, it's horrid when you feel hungry but can't eat isn't it hun? I've had a bit of a similar day. I've refrained from eating and I'm looking forward to my aam in a weeks time :D

The last bit of weight is always slow and can get you down but you know what?? It'll come off and you know when it does you'll be smiling from ear to ear!! Welldone for coming so very far and I'm glad those chewits went soggy :D

catch you later darlin, you'll be at goal very soon, stay strong :D xx sj xx

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