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Im in Love...With Flapjacks!!!


Desires to be slim....
Hiya all!!!

Just thought id share my love for the flapjacks!!! And yes, im serious!!!

I got chos shakes and flapjacks this week for something to chew and i really like the peanut ones. (I could live on peanut butter and black forrest gateux normally but thats a different story!!)

Am i mad?? Maybe my taste buds have just gone crazy but i enjoy them more than the shakes...

Am i the only one????!!!!:D
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Wanna be....sexy!
I could tell you what they taste like but it would be full of expletives! Bloody Nora,how can you eat them lianna?!!


Desires to be slim....
They lovely. The texture is like the cork off a bottle and they are a bit dry but the taste lke a soft peanut tracker bar. (Remember tracker bars??)

They are pretty filling but you need to drink a good bit of water with them as they a little dry....


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lianna, they are the one reason I defected to CD!



Desires to be slim....
lianna, they are the one reason I defected to CD!


Oh no!! Id take a flapjack anyday over one of the CD bars!!! My mate let me taste the Cranberry one and the Choc Orange one....FOUL!!!

I have the sweetest tooth ever (hence the need for LT!! LOL!!) but those bars were not nice!:D


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They are awful...Lianna i thought you had better taste honey:D xx
Lianna, I thought you had bad taste fancying the pants off me but flapjacks that takes the biscuit:D xxx


Back on the wagon!
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We will have to set up a club! I loved them too!!
Bea perlease,I can eat them in a dire emergancy, but to say you love them c'mon. xxxxlol
:p.... ha... me too i like them... they are a bit dry but eaten in little bits they are fine,, and make a change from drinks ... i like em both had them from day one.. its nice to have something to chew... (had typed in something else there but realised mr "fat to thin " would have had a field day with it:D) ... so yep i am in the flap jack club ... we are an elite few me thinks .... ! sharon x
You've all gone nuts is there only ne on here thats sane xx lol
Shaz you are rude I had to cover my eyes then x


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Hi all

Well i must say, im glad im not alone!
I too like them! im ashamed to say, but i do think they are delicious, i like both the flavours
Make a nice change from all the drinks
Only you are insane hun! But yeah still the minority:D
I had to run for the bin when i first tasted the flapjack, im impressed with you guys xx
ur not alone. ive really grown on the flapjacks. wen i 1st had 1 they made me heave but now i ave one every day. it makes a diff from the shakes and theyre so fillin. gr8 4 wen ur out n about!!!
:rolleyes:Thinking this is a conspiracy, look all you closet flapjackers comeing out :Dxx
;)Yep I did :D x
Hmmmm some of them! xx

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