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I'm in shape. Round is a shape....isn't it?

Well, this is the first day of my diary and my first day on CD.

I want to lose 3 and a half stone by June 11th this year as its one of my best friends wedding and my boyfriends birthday over that weekend.

I've always been overweight, I did manage to lose 3 stone with WW 3 years ago, but that's all gone back on plus more. Eating is something I can't seem to control at the moment. So that's why I've started the CD, I figure taking food out of the equation is the best place to start.

I've decided to start this online diary as I haven't got much support at the moment. My boyfriend (although he's trying to be supportive) thinks the right and only way to lose weight is by eating less and moving more. He doesn't agree with the CD way of losing weight, most other people I've mentioned it to agree as well. So I'm hoping writing this diary will get me some support from other members on the site.

I've been overweight for too long now. I look back at all my photos when I was a lot thinner and can see how much happier and better I look then. I'm sick of wearing the same clothes, being reluctant to buy new ones as I tell myself I'll lose the weight but I never do. I hate feeling this big, I feel ginormous (is that an actual word?!) next to my boyfriend. I'm just not the real me any more. Hell, I'm a PE teacher and not the best role model to inspire my kids.

So that's my reasons for taking the plunge to start CD.

Today has been ok in all honesty. I have to admit my biggest fear about starting the diet was if I'd cope without food. But I've managed and coped today. I' only felt hungry for my dinner, but I purposefully held off eating it until I was really hungry. Am writing this before making my last shake (am going to try butterscotch) then heading to bed for an early night.

How are other people doing? Had good success on CD?

Lou x
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Hi Lou

I know EXACTLY what you mean about taking food out of the equation. I can't cope with choosing the right foods etc and spend all day everyday feeling guilty whereas this way food doesn't come in to it.

I know I'm lucky in that my partner supports my all the way - bless him.

I had my first WI today and lost 10lb - but I have got a long way to go!

Good luck xxx
Hi Lou, how are things going? You should be hitting ketosis soon! Things will get easier from then on. My partner is the same as yours, he thinks I should eat less and exercise more! Not very helpful when your a food addict. Just because I 'know' what to do, doesn't mean I can do it! lol
Hia SapphireLou, how you doing today? You in Ketosis yet?

Hi everyone, I'm definitely in ketosis now, did stick test on Thurs morn and I'm in the pink.

I'm proud that I've managed to stick to SS 100% since I started - I know its only 5 days, but knowing what my binges were like before (we're talking a starter of a sandwich and crisps, followed by 2 pieces cod and massive chips from chip shop, plus a Terry's chocolate orange and a box of chocolates cakes for dessert easy) I'm just really pleased I've resisted food and stuck to CD :)

Boyfriend, although I know he still doesn't think this is the best diet for me, is really trying to be supportive. We don't live together so everytime he see's me he says I've lost weight and my belly is shrinking. Don't believe him but its lush to hear! He's off snowboarding for a week now and just before he left, came to kiss my belly goodbye as he said it would be gone by the time to come back! Like I said, lush to hear and helps me stay focused.

I'm lucky in the sense that I live on my own so am not tempted too much by food. Though, I am in training, just in case the desire for food gets too much. Have cooked boyfriend dinner 2 nights in a row and am watching Masterchef. Figure there's no point hiding from food while on CD so best train myself to get used to being surrounded by food, but not able to eat it.

I have been a little tempted this week. I think because I leave too long in between my 1st and 2nd product. Currently I'm eating at:
11.30-12.30pm - breakfast - brick
4pm ish - lunch - porridge
7.30pm - dinner - soup
9pm - supper - shake
Its the waiting for lunch which isn't great. Because of work, lunch is between 1.30pm and 2pm and I'm not hungry for my porridge then. So I wait til I get home from school and thats when I start to get hungry. As soon as I've had my porridge I'm ok. Seeing as its Saturday tomorrow I think I'll try letting my body tell me when I need to eat rather than relying on a time check.

Thanks for everyone's support. How are you all getting on?

Lou x
I find planning my meals difficult. It's also because my shiftpattern is so retarded. I normally get up around 9, then have a mousse around 11 or 12 and go to work. Lunch/diner is around 6 at work and I have my bar, then at 10 when I get home in the evening it's either soup, porridge or a shake. Saturdays are killing me however since I have to start at 6.30 in the morning :/ messes up my foodplanning.

When is your first WI? You're doing really well! And smart not to hide from food, I think a lot of people on these forums started to enjoy cooking for others whilst on this diet ^^
Hi everyone.

Well interesting weekend. Yesterday was not great, felt quite despondent. Was bit hungry, bit depressed, feeling a bit like can I carry on with just shakes and soups for 2/3 months etc. Don't really know why either, could be because I wasn't in my school routine and therefore not as busy. Also boyfriend has gone away snowboarding for the week and think was missing him too.

I managed to stay to plan 100% though, as I walked past subway in town they had a sign promoting a side salad. I was really craving it but told myself to keep walking and have a shake earlier to stop the hunger pangs. Still went to bed feeling down though.

Today (Sunday) is a better day. Laid in bed and logged onto this site and had some great encouraging comments from my thread, and read some other threads/diaries which definitely helped lift my mood.

1st WI is tomorrow at lunch time. Here's hoping and praying for a good loss that will kick start my motivation back to high again.

Lou x
I'm sure you'll have a great loss tomorrow :D If you really find it difficult to just live on shakes and soups perhaps ask your cd if you can have bars in your second week or the mousse? If you haven't tried the porridge yet, I would try those too. Just to see if you like them, if so, it will give you more variety, making the diet easier.
I remember me cooking for my husband last time I was on CD. He claimed it had been the best food ever despite the fact that I was not able to taste :)

I am doing SS+ because I usually have problems with eating after VLCDs and I want to introduce some food from the very beginning.

Good luck :)
Your doing really well hun! Good luck for your weigh in today! x
you have done fab! good luck for today.
WI today and 9lbs off!!! Woohoo :woo:

I know this next bit is going to sound a bit stupid, and possibly even make some people think WTF, but when I first got weighed I was 14st 9lb. All week I've had a loss of 10lbs in my head to get me into the next stone bracket, so I was a tiny little disappointed with 9lbs. Don't get me wrong, I am over the moon at losing 9lbs but 10lbs would have been the icing on the cake.

So feeling good, had a malt toffee bar as a treat after my WI. That's my plan for the next couple of weeks, a bar as a treat :) Target next week is 5lbs to get me my stone.

Feeling a little lonely tonight, boyfriend is away on hols and really :needhug: he did text just before my WI and phoned earlier which was lovely

Oh yeah, wonder if anyone can help? I'm planning on posting a thread online the 100% posts page as well....I'm off snowboarding with school on 1st April for 9 days. I am determined to stick to CD while I'm away, not going to be easy but I will. But I'm a little worried about doing all the exercise whilst doing CD.

Exercise wise, I'll be boarding for approx 5 hours each day, although its not continuous as have to get lifts up the mountain ALL the time! Food is difficult as we are going to Austria (very little veg) and we have set (3 course) meal each night, I'm also not a great meat eater so tend to say I'm a veggie when go for ease. However, veggie options are always a carb fest!

They do have a salad bar there, so I was thinking of having 4 products, and if I felt I needed the extra calories having a bowl of (green) salad and if edible (to me) a little meat - if I can stomach it. To all you experienced CD'ers out there, does that sound right? Or can anyone offer another solution?

Lou x
oh lou 9lbs is fab well done you and remember next week you will see 13st ?? so fair play to you

we have started at nearly the same weight so it will be good to keep chatting and watching our progress

well done again that is brill xxxx
Congrats! 9lbs is so fab! x
Hey everyone, how are people?

I'm stuck to SS since my WI but yesterday and today I've felt like I wanted a little food. Not needed it, but just watching other people was like "oooo one little crisp or square of chocolate would be lush!" Resisted though as promised myself I'm sticking to SS religiously until I move up the steps. This will be the last time I ever lose weight ::):

Well, I'm off down to my parents now to cook them dinner (spag bol in case you're wondering) will be back soon

Lou xx
i am the same always thinking a little something wont hurt but let me tell you that leads to distruction lol

Does that mean that you've tried CD before?

Lou x
mmm unfortunetly my 3rd attempt:sigh::sigh:

i did loose weight before but did not do the refeed and just went back to eating crap but i have learnt my lesson and i intend on doing right this time;)

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