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im literally screwed financially this week



Slow but sure....
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You could get some veggies, carrots, swede, parsnip, onions etc and some chicken oxo cubes and make yourself a big batch of veggie soup - it shouldn't be too expensive and it will be filling and free food, and warming in this weather.
well i usually have a good stock of pulses so im gonig to get tinned tomatoes to make a stew thingy. just soaking the beans now. then other nights ive got left over cous cous with salmon so will have to think aobut getting some veggies for those. thanks x
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Do you have a morrisons nearby? They are doing fabby 30p deals for kiwis, apples, potatoes, carrots etc etc :D
i can get to one on monday eve yes. nice thanks thanks :D


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You can loads of things with potatoes and a few bit and bobs... potato soup, tortilla, potato curry, chips, potato bake, gnocchi, pizza base. For the sausages you could stew them with onion in gravy, chop them up and put them in a pasta or sausage curry.
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Quorn Sausages in pasta with tinned tomatoes, garlic, red onion and mushrooms are nice :D:D xxx
ok well im thinking of doing the sausages with pasta now can get pasta 29p!!
do you put the sausages in the oven before putting nthem in the pasta sauce?
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Umm it doesnt really matter tbh because they taste the same regardless of what colour they are.. If you like you could fry them in frylight and some garlic.. But I personally chuck them in with the tomatoes, garlic, onion mix as they cook in that xx Obviously cook the pasta seperatly then plonk it all together at the end :p xxx


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Was going to suggest morrisons as yesterday when I was there they had onions, carrot and apples for 30p a pack, also some green beans for 50p and a big bag of potatoes is £1.50 ish. Get some cheapy tinned tomatoes, cheapy baked beans, pasta and such. When I was just feeding me I used to do my entire weeks grocery shop for about £10. Get inventive with what you have available!

Hope this week goes well for you.

hi thank you thats very sweet. well i went to tesco to get main essentials, stalked the reduced to clear section too. im gonna pop morrisons tomorrow to get my cheapo fruit cos that is really good!! ive put my pulses in cold water and decided im going to add the sausges and red onion to that to make some sort of casserole with tinned tomoatoes and then got salmon and cous cous and gonna make lentil soup at some point. wow only spent under a tennder and still managed to get my glass of red wine :D
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Nothing like being skint to bring out the creative side of cooking is there. Its amazing what you can cook from what seems like nothing and make a good tasty filling meal. Curried anything is brilliant for this.


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It can be done! I have got my grocery bill down to about £180 a month for 2 adults & 1.5 children (one only visits and doesn't live with us!) One a month I tend to do a big shop at iceland and a big shop at morrisons or tesco, then top up shop once a week for bits n bobs n fresh fruit.

There is also a fruit n veg stall up our high street that I get to if I get chance as that is usually better value for money. Have not been to the market in years but my dad swears by it.



Grappling with life
Ooh also to add that when you have a bit of spare cash invest in some seasonings, curry, chilli, coriander, cajun, paprika and so on - really can liven up and alter the taste of something otherwise quite bland.

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And I've found that herbs and spices are really cheap and good quality at Lidl. Even buying one a week means you could easily build up a good selection on a budget :)


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i grill my quorn meat and i sprinkle worcestershire sauce on it too.quorn marinates really well so any sort of free marinade tastes good

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