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I'm moving to CC - can I still stay on CD forum?

Hi Guys,

As you may know I cannot afford to keep up with CD at the moment so I'm CC for the time being...

Can I still stay on this forum? Everyone here is so supportive etc :)

I've just gone onto a diet checker thing and told me that I should be on 1400cal a day? (Plus 350cals burnt through exercise) That seems a lot to me? I only managed 900 yesterday and had a lot to eat...

I'm also starting the 30 day shred - my OH is in HMV as we speak (early xmas present)

How may cal should I have a day to lose weight around 2lbs a week?

Sorry again if I shouldn’t be posting this here....
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Hey , well done on making a decision , seems to be the right one for you at the moment , better than just giving up :) Yeah stay on here , we can all drool over your food speak ( just put a warning in your thread title to say food is mentioned for the more sensitive members :) )

they say you need to drop 500 calories a day to loose 1lb a week , so if you want to loose 2 then drop about 1000 calories , so I would say about 1000 , if you are doing daily excersise you could raise this to 1200 ish ....
Thanks for the cal advise - I will be carefull with the mention of food lol :)

WOW - look at your measurements - thats such a difference - you have done so well!!!


My husband = My hero
Hi hunni

What's CC?

Good luck! Abd Woohooo welcome to the shredders lol

Hi Lauren - I'm just calorie counting :(

I was just about to send you a message about Jillian Michaels 30day shred - how are you finding it? Does it work?


My husband = My hero
Ah sorry I'm dense haha

Thts fab hun probably exactly what you need as you will need to start retraining now!!

The shred is amazing hun

I Havnt been able to measure this week as forgot my tape measure woops

But lost over 10 inches in the first 2 weeks...

Its fab hun hard at first but persevere and after a couple of days you'll be right into it!

I'm doing it again startin day after boxing day Ita that's good!!

Your so motivated - I wish I was like u!!!!!!!!


My husband = My hero
Ah iv got good reason to be though hunni

There will be hundreds of photos taken quite literally when Peter gets back from Afghanistan and I'm determined to love them all!!


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