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im nervous

i have a guy coming down next week who ive been meeting for a while but he lives in nottingham but were spending the night in a hotel in liverpool!im so not confident enough to bring the real tina out in front of him!i was so comfortable with my ex i didnt care but when i was with him i was usually drunk lol....not that funny when he doesnt drink!but now i cant have a shot (or bottle) of vodka to get over the nervousness!and hes so pretty!!!he actually looks a bit like the guy on my signature :D:D:D:D:D

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He has already made it clear he likes you so relax and just go wit da flow, and i have to tell ya oh my god i am well jealous if he looks even half as good as tyrese. Don't suppose he got any brothers:rolleyes:


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im sure u will be fine, u look lovely on ur pic so what ya worried about! I live in liverpool the nightlife is great u will love it, not that i get to enjoy it much with 3 kids lol


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Oh My gosh, you are spending a night with a Tyrese lookalike in a hotel! Oh wow I'm soooooooo jealous. The hotness of it all, don't be nervous he must want to spend time with you to travel from Nottingham to Liverpool. the useless (but very hot) boy that I am currently messing with won't even drive from one side of Manchester :mad:

Relax, spend all day pampering, plucking and waxing and enjoy it!

You go girl!!!
You Lucky Lucky Girl!

You dont need alcohol to make you seem more interesting its the real you he wants to see.

Oh what I wouldn't give for a romantic liaison in a hotel this weekend. Actually a romantic liaison anywhere would be good!

Let us know how it goes.




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Go girl lol. Relax and enjoy. The way I look at it for myself is, he can see I am overweight with my clothes on, he can see I'm not wearing a size 10 jeans so he's not gonna expect me to look like Beyonce with my clothes off is he!!!!! Clothes don't hide my size so to be approached, chatted up, taken out on a date and then driving up to see you means he likes you - just enjoy yourself and hope you have a good time x
I agree with what everyone else has said, he obviously fancies you like mad hun!!! Go spoil yourself and make yourself feel good, not hat you should have to coz you're already gorgeous!! and let him lavish you with TLC and have a FANTASTIC TIME!!!!!!
Anytime hun :-D might be worth buying yourself something you feel SUPER sexy in teehee
ok...well he come!!!!!!!!!!!we ended up stayin in my best mates cos her folks were away and she was havin a little party!was soo good!i was so comfortable with him!i was sober and was tryin to get him drunk so everytime hed go the loo id fill his glass up with jack daniels....wasnt till lata i found out he wasnt used to drinkin when i found him hovering over the loo!i put him to bed but he insisted on waking me up a few hours lata WHEN IT WAS DAYLIGHT AND WE WERE BOTH SOBER!!!!!!oh the stress but it was actually fine!and hes sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty hes got arms like the hulk and pretty and he went to paris last week and he bought me a little keyring with the square letters one underneath each other with i <3 paris!not a new bag but its the thought that counts!

thought i wud let u all know x

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