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Im new - anyone else doing Dr Charles Clark high protein diet

Hi all
I just posted as a reply on someone else's thread as I wasn't aware I could create a new one (the permissions wouldn't let me do it in the low carb diet area?)
I have about 1 1/2 stone to lose and although I've had previous success on ww I just do not gave the motivation to count points anymore. I heard about Dr C diet on here and it's quite similar to Atkins but allows 40-80g of carbs a day and doesn't ban veg (apart from starchy ones) I have done this for almost 4 weeks and lost about 4 lb but last week nothing - in fact gained 1 although defo didn't cheat.
I wondered if any of you other new faces had tried this diet and had any tips?
I drink so much water I know it's not down to that and exercise classes 3-4 times a week. Have followed to the letter but I was wondering if I was having 'enough' carbs as i really did cut it all out apart from what is found in veg etc but then if I wasn't would I in effect be doing something like Atkins and therefore should still lose weight?
Any advice would be appreciated x
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Never heard of that diet, but it sounds quite good - just like Atkins, but a bit healthier with the veggies being allowed.

I noticed you said you'd been doing it for around 4 weeks, is it possible it was your time of the month? We all tend to retain a bit of fluid around that time, so you will probably find you will get a really good weightloss this week.

Also, if you're doing exercise classes 3-4 times a week, you will be building muscle mass and muscle weighs more than fat. You should try taking your measurements, you may not lose weight but could be losing inches.

Val x
Hi val
Re: time of month, it's funny as I missed it this month (not pregnant I tested!) but thought it may be down to the diet as I also read on another forum low carb can effect it that in first months???
I've also been doing the gym thing for last 3-4 years so it's not a big change for my body. I have taken measurements and am glad to see a slight reduction :)
I'll keep at it and hope for best...
Thanks for the advice though. What diet are you following?


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It's a meal replacement diet, but unlike cambridge you can have 'real' food, i.e. spagbol, chilli, curry noodles and the like which only have the same calories as the shakes/soups. I can't survive on a liquid diet so this one suits me down to a T.

I have to have 4 mealpacks a day, plus one snack, plus half a pint of skimmed milk for tea/coffee, plus have to drink around 2-3 litres of water a day.

I suppose I'm finding it so easy because I've done Cambridge before, which is only 3 packs a day and that's it - so this diet feels like I'm eating non stop lol.

How are things going with your diet?

Val x