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I'm new, starting today!

I picked up a weeks supply of cambridge weight plan stuff from my consultant on weds and im starting today. Ive got about 5 or 6 stone to lose so im here for the longhaul! Ive had enough of being fat now and need to do something about it. Some of the photos and stories on here are a real inspiration. So just thought Id introduce myself and say hi as ill probably be around quite a lot!
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Hi token and welcome to minimins. Have a look around the site, and don't be afraid to ask for help or advice x
Hi and good luck :) 5-6 stone may feel like a lot and you probably feel like you will never shift it .. but I am assuring you , it will be gone before you know it !!! If you can just put up with the struggle of the first week , which is tough , then it gets much easier and actually flies by ... it feels like only a few weeks since i started when in fact its more like 6 months and I am over 6 stone down ... dont knw how that happened !!!
be positive , drink lots of water and enjoy the weight dropping off you :)

That weight will fly off ;)

Cambridge diet is very very good.

Stick to the plan to the very letter and you'll do great. First week IS tough.... but zone out any bad feelings or thoughts and carry on.... After day 4/5 you'll feel great!

Hi Token!
I'm starting today too! I have 5.5 or 6 stone to lose, so hopefully we can do this together!
I lost 3 stone last year only to put it on again!
This time I am doing SS+ ( 3 shakes and chicken/salad meal), mainly because I lost really slowly the last time (1-2lb) per week, and think it will be better adding in the small meal - hopefully!
Good luck with day 1!


please try again
welcome to all the newbies :)

aint gonna lie, first week can be tough while your getting into ketosis, just grit your teeth, distract yourself and before you know it you will be on the scales at your first weigh in doing the happy dance!

oh and make sure you have plenty of toothpaste and breath freshner spray to hand for when the ketosis death breath kicks in, lol


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i started the 2nd week of january and ive lost 3 and a half stone to date, it dies work and quickly to, if your struggling come in here youll get great help,inspiration and advice and it keeps you focused, you all can do this, trust me if i can you can
good luck and hang in there xxx


needs a real kick in the
hiya, im restarting today, so would like to join you in your journey, i want to loose 5-6 stone and hope to do so by september. so 6 months.
i lost 5st 1lb last year and gained 2st 11lb sinse september, i lost the 5st in 4 months last time, i gained because i did not come up the plans and just went back to old habits. i have just had a breast reduction and am now more than ready to do this properly. good luck in your journey, you will feel great by this time next week. and minimins gives so much help and encouragement.
Good luck, I'm not starting today, waiting for the councellor to get back to me, I'm cutting right down on my carbs over the next few days to make my journey easier....excited...!! I need to lose about 4 half stone, but at the moment I would be happy with 2 stone!!!
Hi, I started on SS+ yesterday and have about 3 stone to lose for my holiday at the beginning of July and then potentially another stone following that. I'm just trying to hold off having my second shake til 5pm atm, bloody ravenous though :p. I hope everything is going well for you! How are you getting on?
me too on day one and finding it hard but just gotta take it day by day or min by min, dreading this eve, eves will kill me but cant wait to get first week over with

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