1. Hi, Well I've been mucking about for the best part of 2 weeks now. It started cause of really really bad PMT..I think made worse cause of other stresses in my life. My mood has now lifted slightly but still not feeling great. I do think though that all the rubbish I've been eating is probably making me feel worse than I need to.

    So I was supposed to get started back yesterday but with a massive hangover (We had a big BBQ/party on Sunday) and it didn't work out like that! Enough messing about though. I've started today otherwise I will keep finding excuses to delay by yet another day. I still don't know whether I will do SS or 790 again. I'd like to try SS but will see how I feel later on as I certainly didn't cut down on carbs and last time I tried SS I felt really ill and ended up on 790 so we'll see.

    My next problem is that my scales are broken. I weigh myself at home as I buy 4 weeks of supplies from my CDC at a time. I bought new batteries but they're still not working so I will have to invest in a new set. That scares me...1) I don't know what damage I've done on the scales with my 2 week binge and 2) when I get a new set all scales weigh differently so I won't ever know the effects. I suppose I just need to start again. I'm taking comfort in the fact that the clothes I'd managed to get into after losing weight still fit so it can't be too bad. MY guess is that I've probably put on about 7lbs.

    Anyway I'll be sticking around here a bit more as I did better on CD when I was a minimins addict! I've still been lurking but probably felt too ashamed to say anything.

    I will do this this time!!! I promise!

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  3. kittykat

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    hiya hun im back on it too so we can push each other xxxxxx
  4. Mamma_caz

    Mamma_caz Have a serene day!!

    Hiya TM., Sorry to hear you are feeling so low, I to have been naughty, just draw a line under it and know that you have the support from everyone on here.

    Big Big Hugs xxxxxxxxxx
  5. Good. We can do this. It's mind over matter! I was feeling so much better about myself for a while. I want that feeling back and I want to be slimmer for summer. My 1st goal was actually for my brithday which is now less that 2 weeks away so if I can at least undo the damage I've done by then I will be happy.
  6. sonkie

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    Welcome back and good luck for your re-start, we all have the occasional blip.......well we are human after all.

    Now you are feeling in a lighter mood you will probably be in the right frame of mind to get back on track. There is no point in even trying until your head is in the right place.
    Good luck xx
  7. That's what I thought Sonya. I make the mistake though of thinking that food will make me feel better but it doesn't. I couldn't have managed with the diet the way I was though. I wasn't in a good place. Thank you for your good luck wishes.

    BTW you're looking amazing in your new photo. You're doing fantastic!! well done!

    T x
  8. sonkie

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    Thank you still a long way to go though.

    SARAHP Silver Member

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    slimming world
    Hi Tiaramaker, I restarted again yesterday as well so your not alone!! Id managed to put 7lb on with my messing but determined to shift it quick and get back to losses!!
    Good luck, we will do this together with everyones support and help! Sarahxx.
  10. Frumpster

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    Hi TM

    You were my main inspiration for starting cd after the success you had on 790 it inspired me to do it. I can't do ss and tried 790 for a week. I then had a blip and have started back on 1000. I am finding this great as ketosis made me feel funny :)confused: ) but I feel great now.

    Well done for re-starting. Can't wait to hear about your great losses over the coming weeks.
  11. Thanks Sarah, It does help to know I'm not alone in this! I feel motivated than I have felt ina while so hopefully I'm on my way now!! I knew I could rely on you all for motivation. You're all fab!

    Frumpster that brought a tear to my eye. Lets inspire each other!! Glad you're doing well now. I think it's just finding the plan that suits you.

    I might stick to 790 as I know it works for me. If I'm brave I will try SS.

    Thanks all for your support.

  12. hollycat

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    Don't worry about the blip, you have acknowledged it and will get back on track.
    If I was you, I wouldn't worry about buying scales, just weigh monthly when you buy supplies. You know you will have put on weight, don't worry about how much, just be determind to have a loss by next weigh in.
    If you really must buy the scales, but keep them til your next visit to CDC and take your weight from then.
    Alternatively weigh at local chemist or doctors weekly. I have had to hide my scales as I was becoming a weigh-in junkie, jumping on and off everytime I visited the bathroom!!
  13. blitz

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    Well done for trying to get back on track so quickly, its the only way. Put the last 2 weeks behind you.

    You have done so well on 790 Id start on that again and then see how you go. You know you can do this. Heres to a slimmer Tiarra for Summer
  14. archantgirl

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    Cambridge Diet
    Good on you for starting again, I know it's hard. I am on the 1500 programme at the moment as going on holiday in17 days time, and I know it will be hard to get back into it when we gwt back. At the moment, with CD, I feel like my comfort blanket has been taken away, I hate having to eat again, I think I am hooked to CD, which is ok whilst I need to loose the weight, but what will happen when I have to return to food again? I know I am not consuming the right amount of calories, but my head.........

    Sorry for the rant on someone elses thread!
  15. Fuzzys Angel

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    Good luck with your re-start, i'm re-starting tomorrow.... I'm switching from LL to CD...

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  17. I don't know why I'm finding this so hard now when it was so easy for me before!!

    I've nearly caved in already. I got home to find that hubby had had a bread roll. We were both suppose to be re starting together. It seems that if we can't do this together then we can't do it at all!! Anyway, I resisted a roll and have just had my 2nd pack.(Hubby is away to work now so I'll not think about what he's eating or not eating). I'd actually forgotten how much I like the soups after being off them for over a week So I feel a bit better now. I'm definitely going to do 790. I'll have my chicken later. I'm going out to get a haircut in a bit so that will taken my mind off it.

    What's also at the back of my mind is that it's my birthday a week on friday and hubby has organised something as a surprise after me moaning that I never get surprises. Obviously I don't know what it is but he's let it slip that it might involve cheating on CD!! hmmm... I'll just have to get straight back on it whatever it is that we're doing! Anyway, the way my mind thinks is...if I'm going to be cheating then I might as well just restart after my birthday! The other half of my brain tells me that I could have half a stone off by then and one evening will probably not put anything back on...

    Sorry to rant on. It's either that or eat easter eggs!!

  18. LoodyLoo80

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    Hello there :)

    I think you should stick to it until your birthday and then have a well derserved treat! You're right in saying that you could lose 7lbs by then and one day won't hurt too much. Just think if you don't you could put 7lbs on!

    As soon as you get back on it you will feel better and want to keep going!

    Slim for the summer....here we come! x x
  19. girlygirl

    girlygirl Silver Member

    Welcome back, and good luck!

    For a while I was weighing monthly, because doing so removed the constant pressure to see big losses every few days, every week etc. You just kinda forget about weighing until the next lot of packs, and over the month you generally get a good loss. I found this very liberating! So it can be a good idea.

    790 is great and is probably my favourite but if you have been SS-ing and you move up to it weight loss can stall for a while. If you've been off the diet, or have been bingeing, you will surely lose on 790.

    I'm SS-ing right now but I never know how long I'll be able to manage before depression, hunger, whatever, hit. Living day to day life without food is not easy. Remember that when you start to feel bad. Once you would have been thrilled to be able to stick to even 1200 cals a day. VLCD calorie levels are very low, so it's bound to be difficult. And it sure is!
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