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Im NOT going to be a fat fiance!!!

I dont know if this is the right place for it, but here goes.

I joined slimming world the week before christmas, and i lost 4lb, even though i had a massive chinese. I was so proud of myself. i decided to take myself off plan over the xmas period. I had a lovely surprise for christmas, my gorgeous fella proposed to me :) I feel even more motivated now. I kind of feel like he must really love me for who i am if he can want to be with me for the rest of his life even though i have put on 6 stone since we met. Before christmas i wanted to lose weight, for myself, for my family, and now i want to lose weight for him too, i want to give him a gorgeous slim fiancé he can be really proud of.

This time next year i want to read back this thread and think wow, ive achieved lots! So.... my first set of goals.

I am 16.5 stone now (was 16.9 before slimming world started)

I want to get to 14 stone.
I want to fit into size 16s.
I want to throw away all my size 20s and 18s.

Im giving myself until june to reach these first targets, if it happens sooner i will be over the moon :) I ultimately though want to fit into my old 10s and 12s.

Back on plan 100% as of today.

Bring. It. On!!!
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has a thin girl inside!
Woo hoo for the engagement and for starting the diet before Christmas and before the proposal!! :-D

Looking forward to Reading about yr weight loss and wedding plans!! Xx


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Huge congrats on your engagement! Have you guys set a date yet?

Best of luck with your weight loss journey, looking forward to reading all about your progress and wedding plans :) xx


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Wow, a proposal - exciting news! Good luck on your weight loss journey and please keep us updated :)


Congrats on the proposal! I'm starting SW tomorrow but from home...I used to be a member so I know the plan, I'll be signing up online for the full shebang syn lists next month...but anyhow I digress...looking foreward to seeing your progress!


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Congratulations, tootsweets!

I am just starting my weight loss journey too, so best of luck with yours.
Well I've been doing quite well. I've lost 8ls now so far, and with Xmas and new year I think that's quite good :) I also fitted into a pair of size 18 jeans that wouldn't fit a few months ago. I am usually a size 18-20 but I think these jeans I couldn't do the zip up on so that's good. I don't think my weightless is noticeable at all yet, as I have so much to lose, maybe my face is a little thinner. But hopefully in the next few weeks I will reach a stone and people will start to notice.

My brother came for a visit last night. Last time he came round was in my first week of slimming world, and he bought us all a big Chinese which I wolfed down. Last night he offered to buy us dinner again. The rest of the family ate domino's pizza, and I had a syn free meal and a 1syn pudding as a treat. I'm really proud of myself, and I think my other half was impressed too. So yay, all is going well! X

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I'm 15st 11 lbs now :) so pleased with myself. I bought myself one of those lovely shirts for bed a few months ago and it was a good 4 inches away from buttoning up. Yesterday I tried it on and I could do it up :) it's not the perfect fit yet, still a tiny bit of straining, but it closes!!!

It has been hard for me to tell any difference in the mirror. My fella said the other day I've lost weight off my face and I saw my mum for the first time in a few weeks and she noticed I'd lost weight. I can tell however if I'm just lying in bed and feel my tummy it feels smaller. Plus obviously a few items of clothing have started to fit me now. My collection of clothes that fit me is slowly starting to expand!

Feeling very positive at the moment. Starting the couch to 5k running programme tonight which I am looking forward to. Hopefully next Monday (weighday) I will have achieved my 1 stone. X

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