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I'm off lipotrim...

Well I went to see my consultant today and he has told me to come off Lipotrim until my op and for a week after I am having it done next week. so it will be roughly two weeks that I am off it. They have told me to intro carbs on my first meal like small portions of brown rice etc... so that I am out of Ketosis as soon as possible. Can't wait to get back on it already 5months without food and I cried when I ate tea only had about 10 spoon fulls because I am now so full!!

I am going to still be on the forum if you'll let me and I will be back on the Lipotrim train in 2 weeks

Hope xx
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Hi hope, keep us all informed how you are doing, take things easy and enjoy the grub while you can.....Get well soon:) xx


weighs a lot less
i think its for the best honey your health is really important im refeeding at the moment and am starting back on the 29th so we can both keep each other going weve come this far we can complete this together dont you dare leave us or we will hunt you down xx
Hee hee awww thank Lillie thats really cool! this is like my break from lipo i think i will call it! I mean one the reasons I went on it was for health and i'm breaking from it for just that!!

Food is weird...
Here's to us restarting soon xxxx


weighs a lot less
ive only been off for 4 days and if i wasnt going on holiday on monday i would go straight back on ,so what have you had to get you out of ketosis quickly im still in xx
well tonight i had peas peppers onions and brown rice really not much though as i could not stomach anymore. I have to eat no fat anyway at the moment. and have brown rice brown pasta whole grain brown bread wholeweat cereal and stuff to get me out of it.



weighs a lot less
i havent had any pasta at all yet but ive had wholemeal bread think ill give pasta a go tommorow xx


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Aww your health comes first hun and you will be back on in no time! Good luck honey and let us know how you get on xxx
You have to go with what is advised hun. After your op, Lipotrim will still be there waiting for you to continue your journey xxxx


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Ditto.................good luck hun.
Its all been said hun, see to your health first and foremost, after all what would b the point in continuing with lipo to get your dram body, only to be too ill to flaunt it?! You can still be healthy whilst off lipo and prob even lose a few lbs, keep your chin up hun and best of luck with your op and wishing you a speedy recvery,xxxx
Thank you guys! i have just been for my weigh in and lost 4lbs so I am pleased. I have arranged to see my nurse in 2 weeks time. But I am going to weigh myself next week. only to have a catch up on how its going.

Hope xx

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