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Im official in hell... Food mentioned

In an attempt to get out more and socialise I agreed to take my son out tonight to the wacky warehouse with oh an his friend an kids, now oh's friends kids have insisted on going to McDonalds for tea.... So here I am sitting in the middle of McDonalds not eating... And to top it all off OH doesn't like McDonalds so him and his friend are going to kfc next to take one home whilst we play on the Wii...

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I'm sorry, but this did amuse me. I feel for you, one is bad enough but KFC to top it off. You are doing well to withstand the temptation. Just remember neither of them are worth it.
Thanks Chlo, I've been VERY strong despite them now ordering donuts. At least one down one to go....

Must remember 119 days till Mexico, 119 days till Mexico, 119 days till Mexico :)
Thanks determinator

OH has gone to get his KFC now, he's going to bring it in the car to take home, I think that'll be worse!!!

I'm actually glad that they have gone to KFC / McDonalds as their original plan was going to be get a kebab or Chinese, I think it would have been harder to resist these as I would have convinced myself that a bit of chicken meat and salad meat from the kebab house or chicken and mushrooms wouldn't have been that bad at least I have no healthy-ish option at either KFC or McDonalds.

I have to confess I did have a coke zero though - I think it was just something to have in my hands to keep them away from DS's nuggets :)
Coke Zero is fine hun, You did brilliant to stay strong and resist - Be proud of yourself xxX


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just think of all the grease in the KFC dripping through your arteries. Might be enough to help put you off it. This is what I do when I have to go in there with my kids. I love KFC - or I used to
I have had 6 cans of coke zero since Friday................I couldn't type in a day all the things Mr T has consumed in front of me since Friday, hence the huge consumptin of coke Zero, which I didn't even like pre-round 2 of cd x


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Mrs T -- ummmm Coke Zero. I might just treat myself to one, if I do 4 or more miles today with the pedometer.


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