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I'm officially a feeder! (teeny bit of food talk)

Since I've been at my goal weight I seem to be baking and cooking for everyone I can.

Today I have made...

A leaving cake for a friend

Cookies for my meeting on monday

Christmas Chutney to give to my friends instead of buying them gifts

Christmas Cake

During the whole thing I've not even licked my fingers! I have no intention of eating any of my creations. I just love cooking...and the satisfation on people's faces when they take their first bite. Is this me getting the kicks I used to from eating by getting other people to do it for me?

I'm not too bothered really. Just enjoying staying in control and being creative :)
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Is back in the saddle!
Over the past year we've had our builders on and off for most of it and I have enjoyed nothing more than cooking up the most yummy stuff. Most of the time they have to leave to go home in the evening know my OH is having something wonderful for dinner but sometimes, only sometimes, I make things that they can share in like cakes etc. I've been good through it all too, but it's such a kick knowing I can do it all and not have it bother me anymore!!!

I know just where you are coming from!
Well done Ladies

There do seem to be loads of us on here who have got into this situation because we are feeders as you say RR.
Earth mothers.
It's been instilled from birth that feeding ourselves and others is good, reward, comforting, sharing, giving,a way to show love and so much more.
Except we've all gone over the top!
It's lovely to still be able to do it, but with control.
Aren't we lucky?


Playing the Angel
So very lucky, it would be interesting to do a little poll on here to find out how many of us are feeders!! Lol if I knew how to set it up I would. But I think it is something that is probably true of most people who have had weight issues.



...we're sinking deeper.
I was a feeder at one point when dieting, obsessed with cook books, making cookies and what-not for my boyfriend... but you know what? I've stopped. It's not actually fair on them. Yes - the stuff tastes good - but imagine if someone was feeding YOU all the time... would you like it in the same way? Probably not. Maybe by doing this sort of thing, especially at home - you are projecting that nurturing mother image - the one that in some cases made you the way you are (I know my stepmum certainly liked to treat us with 'nice things' all the time which greatly set off my weight problems).
I noticed that after a while my 'nurturing feeding' side was having a slight effect on my boyfriend's waistline... He started to become a little bit more unhappy with himself. Almost started a spiral of over-eating in him... but then I stopped. And he cut back, and he's stable again.

So; a word of caution. Don't feed/do onto others if it's something you don't want done to you. Food doesn't equal love... Remember that. :D


Is back in the saddle!
But that's the point Min. I can now do the feeder thing and know I have chosen healthy, low fat, sugar free alternatives that taste just as good and are so much better. I have loved nothing more that experimenting and finding out what works and is doing those I am feeding good to!

I don't have to, nor intend to, feed like Nigella!! She may be alleged eye candy for the camera but she's not a cook in my book. She's just using her name and being put on the TV. I actually cringe watching her cook!

So, yes I will feed others and i will let them know that proper cooking is best and that there is an alternative out there and I will certainly keep reading BL's fab recipies, including the nice naughty bits.;)


...we're sinking deeper.
I don't have to, nor intend to, feed like Nigella!! She may be alleged eye candy for the camera but she's not a cook in my book. She's just using her name and being put on the TV. I actually cringe watching her cook!
LOL! While I like Nigella's sort of... voluptousness - indeed, her recipes make me cringe too! :D

And I wasn't saying everyone is a 'bad' feeder! When I feed my boyfriend now - I make sure it's healthy stuff, and portion controlled (to a certain degree :) ). He's quite happy and feels healthy too.
A few months ago he'd be eating br**d out of the cupboard and having lots of ch*****te... now he's absolutely chuffed to have a 0% Yog with fruit. It doesn't matter WHAT you give, as long as you keep them nice and full. ... Men are so easy to please!! ;) :rolleyes:
*Note to self* stop buying Boyfriend chocolate when I go to buy a paper, especially when he hasn't asked for any!

I've not been a feeder till now, but I've been DYING to cook over the last few weeks! Not eat, cook! I can't wait until I've completed so I can get whizzy in the kitchen. *Excited*


Is back in the saddle!
It's all part of the Food Porn thingy Bea!!

I did a workshop this week with a woman who moaned about not being able to stop eating the bis***ts in the cupboard. I just said, 'Don't buy them them,' and she gave me such a look! I must be really thick or something but if she didn't buy them, they wouldn't be there to eat. It ain't rocket science is it!

And Min, my OH wouldn't eat fruit for ages 'coz he didn't think it manly enough. I mean...!!! :rolleyes:
Can I join the feeder club please?! over the last 6-8 months since doing LL, I think my cooking has increased even more than usual - actually it definintely has as I've been doing wedding cakes and had orders for birthday cakes etc and have had to try out lots of recipes. My mother is visiting this weekend and I've got a huge menu plan plus I've spent all week stocking up the freezer so have been cooking daily plus doing the family meals.

I have a huge collection of recipe books which I love and have subscritptions to several foodie mags. I'm really enjoying Masterchef professional too recently

Dh has been putting on weight recently but it's because he's eating my portion too. As I've been freezing meals I tried to make sure his portions are a bit more of a healthy size
I'm a feeder, but then I have always been a dinner party thrower and a "Monica" in the home.

But my OH is a health type, so I feed him well and he doesn't overeat.

I'm loving spending more time fussing over the dishes I'm cooking as I don't need to rush to sit down and help eat them. :p
It's a joy to be in the kitchen and not taste and test everything, then wonder afterwards how much I ate.
I'm learning a lot about my bad habits....it can only be a good thing. :)
I'm spread out my feeding so it's not just one person. Have dinner parties, bake things for meetings, make food treats for birthday presents (very economical!) etc. It's not focussed on one person because i know, that's just not fair.

Love watching programmes on TV, Masterchef is great. But I've always loved cooking. I've always been a creative person and I think cooking has always been aprt of that. Part of my creativity also goes into making fabulously tasty, healthy options for me too!

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