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I'm officially starting Lipotrim tomorrow, yippee!

Welcome, I will be starting the lipotrim diet tomorrow. I have done it before. I lost 2 half stone that was 2 years ago. Had a baby and have put it all on. This diet does work but you need termination to succed. It is hard going.
Thank you Minda, I have done it before too, but that was years ago. At least we kinda know what to expect! I'm so grateful for this forum, there are lots of tips and advice on here, hopefully it'll make the transition from food to TFR a little bit more managable! Good luck for tomorrow:eek:)
Will cheak in tomorrow see how u got on. I have tryied twice last week to start. Tomorrow is a new day and need to loose the last 10kg before going back to work
Hi good luck to you both, i'm on day 4 now and finding it easy now as my appetite is gone and I am protecting that feeling by being 100% strict and drinking lots of water. Day 1 and 2 were hard but once done it was a relief. xx


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Hi blessed, hope today has gone OK for you. Day 8 here and it gets better! Post loads, it really really helps. :)
Hi Minda, i hope your 1st day has gone well so far!

Thanks size10 and Waterworks for the boost of encouragement, i only managed to collect my 1st weeks supply at lunch time today, so I have had a flapjack for lunch so far and i'm trying to delay having my last shake until much later so I have something to look forward to!! I really hope i can reach day 4 and 8 without the feeling of wanting to give up! Well done to you both for getting as far as you have!


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Hi everyone, i'm Dee, just wanted to say that i'm starting Lipotrim tomorrow after weeks of carefully reading other encouraging posts on this forum, it sounds strange, but i'm feeling really nervous, but fingers crossed i'll last the duration and I welcome any friendly help and advice!:)
Same here, I have my goodie bag and will be starting tomorrow. I asked the pharmacist if it was okay to have mint leaves and was told that they were safe to consume. So i've got my stash of mint leaves and peppermint tea along with bottles of water and the mint strips

Wish you all the best of Luck and just believe in yourselves and in the new you, as a new chapter in our lives starts tomorrow. Bring out the clothes that haven't seen the light of day in years and watch ourselves transform into happier bunch of individuals
Hi girls, No good news had 1 shake, made it to 5 oclock for my second shake, but was to tired had small amount of dinner, Just come back from a walk. feeling sick that i did get through the day. Well going to do it tomorrow. In stead i will have my first shake at 9.ooam, have my buggyfit class, will have my second shake at 2.oopm and my final shake at 7.oopm I will make a reminder on my phone ( photo of my self with the fat on show, why i am oing this)
Hi Chiku, good luck for starting tomorrow! The mint leaves sound like a good idea, I have some growing fresh in my garden, so i think i may mix it with the chocolate shake!
I think the first hurdle is deciding to actually start Lipotrim to begin with, its not an easy decision to make, but we are all in this together, on the 1st rung of the ladder and I think putting a reminder pic on your phone is a brilliant idea Minda, I hope you don't mind if I adopt that idea!
Tomorrow is a new day, there is so much support in this forum, so I know we all can do it!

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