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I'm really worried i've messed up ..

Hi guys,

Am only on week 2 and i think i've messed it all up.. i lost 5lbs the first week which i was delighted with but this weekend i've had italian meal and some buffet food aswell as a normal sausages on warburtons bread for breakfast one morning - why am i doing this?!! I know i need to loose weight but i get carried away with loosing a little bit now i've probably put a pound or two back on and i'll have to go face the class knowing i'm a big fat failure .. i feel like throwing it all in , after 2 measley weeks - what a silly bint i am :wave_cry:
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aw try not to be too hard on yourself its easily done, i think our brains try to sabotage our weight loss sometimes by getting us to eat things we shouldnt. what did you have for your italian meal and your buffet? when are you due to weigh in again? sorry for all the questions lol but you can either put it down to experience and hope to stay the same or have a small gain or you can try and pull it back before you WI again, you could reduce your syn count down to about 5 / day which might balance everything out.

try not to worry about it and definetly dont give in you only need to take a look at my weight loss diary on here to see how many times ive sabotaged myself but the way i look at it that ive had years and years of eating 'badly' and making 'bad' habits /food choices so its going to take or brains a while to catch up and start making good habits and good food choices. xx
thanks guys :sigh: such lovely words of encouragement, i really needed that

I had carbonara and few slices of garlic bread, at the buffet i had some sausages and little sausage rolls and a mini roll and then a little square of chocolate cake.

I know i could have had something alot healthier at the Italian but i simply didnt want to, i didnt have a desert which for me is unheard of :D .. At the Buffet i would have usually have had 2 or three plates stacked high with allsorts so i know i cut down even though of course it was all unhealthy

Since Sunday afternoon i've been on the plan fully, i've had about 2.5 litres of water a day, keeping to 10 syns or under and last night went for a lengthy swim (40 lengths) - my WI is tommorow at 6.30.. am hoping at the very least i've stayed the same :eek:
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Good luck with WI, we ALL have hickups :) gods if i counted mine i would just give up :) put it behind u and look forward.. and congrats on a great 1st week :) once you have been doing a a while then u will find it easier to stick to it :)
i lost 3lbs in the end ..god knows how tbh, maybe its the loads of water im drinking at work?

Can i just ask you ..is it normal for the C to read out what people have lost and gained in the meeting? Mine does this but i dont know how this is supposed to help.. if i'd have put 3 on i'd have been too ashamed to come back i think :confused:
It is normal for them to do this, to celebrate the losses and give encouragement to those who have had a gain for whatever reason, but if you dont want yours read out, you can just tell the C, and if they are remotely worth their salt they will skip past you when it is your turn.

Gains are a part of life unfortunately, sometimes we will have a big "food" day or a week where we fall off the wagon or are on a bit of a downer and eat the wrong things, but accepting it, taking responsibility for it and moving past it are all crucial to being able to get where we want to go.

It is not done to humiliate you, but instead to see if you can identify how it happened, and suggest ways to turn it around.


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My C doesn't give out the gains, just says you've had a gain this week but gives how much they have lost overall and then asks them if they know where they went wrong.

I had a really bad unexpected gain the other week and I would have been mortified if she had read it out :eek: but the weight had fallen off by the next weigh in at which point I was able to share that info myself.

I'm so glad mine doesnt do it.

Congratulations on the loss though you must have been doing something right :D
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Aww I'm glad you still lost Mazziecoupe! :D I'm feelin like you were this week. I'm on 86 syns already and I would have liked to have saved some up for the weekend! Means if I'm averaging 15 a day, I can only have another 19 to last the whole weekend... EEK! No wine or anything this weekend if I wanna pull it back! :eek:

I don't go to weigh ins but I don't think I'd like them telling everyone, I guess it's how they try keep you motivated. It's enough for me having my friends and family wanting to know how I'm getting on! (But atleast I could always bend the truth ;) )
Thanks for the words of encouragement guys! I'm sure i will have a gain at some point or sts but i'll be asking to be skipped over!! :D

Bizzle i know what you mean!! The lads on my team at work have started doing a 'Loser' Bet - he who guesses what i have off that week gets the others to bring him his brews for the day - keeps me entertained anyway!
S: 13st4.0lb C: 12st4lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.5 Loss: 1st0lb(7.53%)
Boys eh?! haha :p

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