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  1. roundrachel

    roundrachel Silver Member

    Lighter Life
    What a great way to start the weekend. No, I haven't won the lottery but the sale of all of my fat clothes has ended on ebay today and I've made more than £500!

    Evening dresses, swimming costumes, jeans, jumpers, jackets, even bras...they've all sold! I'm so pleased. Now I have the money to go and buy new, super sexy slim clothes rather than living in hand-me-downs!

    If you've got the the stage where you want to get rid of clothes I'd recommend doing it this way. I've done car boot sales before but never made this much. It seems my very expensive bras from Rigby and Pellar generated the most interest and sold for almost as much as I bought them for in the first place. And they're second hand now!

    With the credit crunch it looks like this is probably how people want to buy clothes so if you need any help doing it just let me know. It's really easy!

    Right....now should I go to the Trafford Centre this afternoon or not? lol :p
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  3. Tanari

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    Well done. I've set up a ebay account but have not posted any items yet. Hope when I do, I'll make loads like you. Enjoy ur shopping
  4. msblonde

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    oooh i have been giving mine away to charity, but got to the stage now where my more expensive clothes are hanging off me so i was thinking of ebaying them, might just list them today :D
  5. *Tia*

    *Tia* Silver Member

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    ahh im really please for ya! if i loose as much weight as you im gonna get rid of all my clothes and make way for some new ones!
  6. ZoBo

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    Well done hun!! I sell all my stuff on Ebay.... I've made loads, it's fab!
    I sell all my ds1 & 2's stuff..... It sells great!

    Get to the Traff & treat yourself. x
  7. minime

    minime Gold Member

    Thats good news, hope we get to see some piccies of you in your new clothes.
  8. Kaalin

    Kaalin Full Member

    Blimey, well done. I've made £250 on mine and thought I'd done well! Enjoy spending it :D
  9. SweetFannyAdams

    SweetFannyAdams Full Member

    Excellent! I dipped a toe in the 'selling fat clothes' water last week and got £20 for my old coat. Have sooo much stuff to list, going to do it bit by bit. I did the Trafford Centre on Sunday :)
  10. roundrachel

    roundrachel Silver Member

    Lighter Life
    it is a bit of a pain listing it all and the poor woman at the post office nearly fainted when I took in all my parcels today but I'm off shopping tomorrow after work. Selfridges here I come!!
  11. Nina08

    Nina08 Member

    Well done you [​IMG]
    Every thing I own is at least 2 sizes too small for me. So when I finally lose the weight I'll be able to actually wear them. But I'm afraid I won't be making any money on ebay which is a sham coz I would love to make some money so that I could buy some new cloths [​IMG]
  12. bekimo

    bekimo Fighting Demons....

    I bought an amazing dress for my friends 21st. I've only worn it once. But I love it and I had all intention of selling it on Ebay! However, I was watching that Twiggys Frock Swap thingy last night and I have decided that I will keep that dress and I will get it altered to fit me next Spring for my friends wedding. It'll be interesting to see the photos of me in the big version and the little version. Everything else can go on Ebay though!!!

    B x
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