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IM so dam mad now !!!!

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Its always the blinking same.. whenever I want to do something I cant
You know Im going to 'BLACKPOOL' in september
well as we have disabled son I really needed respite for him so that me and hubby could go away for birthday and ive just spoke to them and they have shortage of nurses and they are only going to be open from a tuesday night till a sunday- which means they are going to be closed sunday and monday nights . I asked if that would change nearer the time and she said it takes months to go through the recruiment so I shouldnt hold out any hopes. What do i do now ?
I loose respite for son in march he turns 18. And then we only have the 14 nights in the hospice, which we dont always get

For F****s sake
I never ask for nothing, Im so dam peed off now , all that planning and now this
I might as well forget about the whole bloody thing.Ive been putting every spare penny in a pot . All for what -a total waste of time.I might as well have not bothered ..
I need a wall to bang my head on -its so unfair , 23 years Ive had this - cant do this cant do that -- the one time I really want to do something this happens
I just want to sit here and roar my eyes out:cry::cry::cry::cry:
what a crap life I ve got
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I'm a raver baby!
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I'm so sorry to hear that. *Hugs* x
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im sorry hun, wont pretend i know how hard it is, fingers crossed all will come right in the end, loads of hugs nic x
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Oh poor you. I think you're entitled to be really pi**ed off.

Is there nowhere else he could go for respite?

Wish I could help somehow.

Tina x


soon to be skinny minnie
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So sorry to hear that, you have really been looking forward to it too. Is there anyone in the family that could step in , if it is in september it is pleanty of notice xx
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I just wanted to say how sorry I am. Life can be so unfair. It seems if anyone deserves a break its you. Hope with all my heart someone can step in to help. xx
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I don't know what to say because I can't pretend to know what you go through having a son who needs so much care. I can only say that if there is any justice in this world, you will get the holiday you so clearly deserve. I really hope it comes through for you.

If not, do you have any relatives who could help out for two nights?

I'm so sorry hun.x


yo-yo dieter no more!
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I'm so sorry:hug99:

I really hope you find an alternative place for respite, or that a family member is able to step in and help. xx
oh thats awful, i know how excited you were, is there no way a family member could step in for a couple of days? :( im so sorry hun
lots n lots of hugs going your way


want to be me again ...
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so sorry alice you deserve better than this ...wish there was something i could do to help honey xxx


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:hug99: You've every right to be p-ed off, I would be too. I'm sorry things are so bad for you. :(
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I am sure as custard something will work out for you. All that saving and planning...you'll get to see the tower, I'm sure :)
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After my little rant on here yesterday -regarding my holiday , well secret holiday!
For those of you who dont know -
husband is 50 this year,
he wanted a party '
I said no we going on holiday
told him we going to blackpool!!!
when really Im taking him to EGYPT !!!!!
so it is a big secret.
I have been trying to find out what jabs he needs (i had mine 2 yrs ago ,so should still be covered)
So I told hubby that the life insurance company wanted to update their records and need all current meds and jabs ;);)
He is so gullible !! he just told me everything I needed to know !!!
So Ive done that part
So when he came in from work and I told him 'september ' could be cancelled he was upset too .....and then I thought -
hang on maybe Hospice could have him from the tuesday till the sunday and the girls could have him from sunday till tuesday !!
so i told eldest daughter about problem and she said just do it mum we'll look after son :bliss::bliss:
I didnt have to ask !!!
Oh I feel a lot better now

Just one more thing to do............
oh i'm so so so pleased for you! thats great, i know how excited you were, i was gutted for you! ooohh yay your going on holiday! woopwoopwooooooop!!

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