I'm so fooked off and I want to eat.....


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Our 4th (5th? maybe I've lost count now...) buyer has pulled out of buying our flat. I'm gutted, this has been going on since mid September last year. The reasons people are giving are nothing to do with the flat, so it's not even something we can change. We are going to lose another house now, which will be the 4th one, thankfully we will not have lost any money on it as surveys haven't been done yet.

I just want to move house....
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o thats crap hun sorry.xx


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Aww hun, its annoying and damn stressfull, but im guessing you wont be eating to sooth the beast.

Keep strong in yourself and sometime soon you'll be sipping coffee in your new house in a slimmer body

chin up


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not good hun, ive been waiting to sort out a loan to renovate a house we bought two years ago, this loan has taken over 4 months now and im at my wits end, so all my sympathy to you but it will happen just hold on x


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Have you ever heard of this house/flat lottery people have been doing to sell their homes? You sell tickets for £100 each and each person puts in a bid price. Then when you have collected the value of your flat in tickets, the person with the lowest UNIQUE bid wins. Someone was telling me about it the other day. Don't know how many flats have been actually sold this way though.

You'll get there, you really will. It took me nearly 18 months to sell my house a few years ago. Stay strong.