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I'm sooooo pleased



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That is a great loss. Ignore the women at the chemist she's wrong....... a stone a month is the average so 17.5lbs in 5 weeks sounds about right. Well done you.x


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what is she onnnnnnn lol 5 pounds is brillllliant:D:D
thanks guys - she always has some sarky remark so i take no notice any more as i'm more than happy :):):):)


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Wk 5 weigh in - 5 lbs gone hip hip hooray!!!

My "lovely" lady at the Chemist thinks I should be losing quicker but I'm delighted!!!

Good luck to anyone with a WI tomorrow x x x
FANTASTIC!!!! Bet you're walking on air....:D:D:D:D
FANTASTIC!!!! Bet you're walking on air....:D:D:D:D
I floated around yesterday!! My stomach has stopped wobbling when i walk now - hurrah!!
Bugger what she says -as long as you're happy (5lbs!! I'd be bloody happy :D) who cares!

She has to say something snidey each week - apart from last week when i'd decided to say something to her - she was as nice as pie and said she'd been worried about me because i hadn't been looking well.

i'm more than happy - 17.5 lbs in 5 weeks???!!! I'd have put that ON at weight watchers!!


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Sounds like the ole green eye to me. Well done for the great loss
Sounds like the ole green eye to me. Well done for the great loss
nah she's a skinny b*tch but she is married to a Ned Flanders look a like lol!

thank you - am looking forward to this week!!


on the up lol
well done on ur wi :)
Well done on your weigh in and passing your first stone off x
thanx - one down four to go but i know i can do it now x


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Grrreat! The chemist woman is barking mad, a 5lb loss is spot on, Jeez, if we all lost 5lbs every week we'd be screaming with joy!
You just carry on and do whatever you were doing, pity you can't find another chemist to go to. xxxx


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5lb is a fabulous loss!

Well done!:happy096:

Love Mini xxx

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