I'm starting in the morning!


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I've just got back in Birmingham, was a treacherous journey back but I made it!! Have got an appointment with my new CDC on monday but have decided to start in the morning as I've got about 15 packs anyway and no food in the house so figured I might as well. Think I've done a bit of the last supper routine the last few days so might as well just jump right in. So here I go, for a second and hopefully last time!
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Good Luck on your restart x


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best of luck caroline, think its a good idea as you have no food in and some packs to start straight away, at least that way you wont go out and buy stuff then be tempted next week


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Hey hun..good luck with your start sure you'll do really well least you'll get the worse days over with at the weekend:p


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hey caroline

im restarting tomorrow for the second time too so good luck to both of us this is my year i can feel it xx


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Thanks guys. I do remember I used to be a bit cold doing CD, but that was my only side effect really. Not looking forward to that one as I am literally freezing in this house as it is! Forgot how cold it could be, especially as the heating has been off for three weeks!


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i've been restarting every day for goodness know how long! i've been grazing since the start of the school holidays and have not stopped since! just trying to get the last of the christmas goodies finished then got to get back into it. i've got one pair of trousers and two pairs of jeans that fit and everything else is just way too small.
good luck on your restart.


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Hey Caroline, I start tomorrow also.....I'm done with shovelling rubbish down my neck and cant wait! xx


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good luck caroline, bet you do wonderfully this week but keep warm x


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Good luck to you all - hope you have a good day 1 --- you'll soon be in ketosis :)


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Well I've had a great start to the morning, woke up late so I'm in a bit of a rush getting stuff together that I should have done last night and now I can't find my shaker! Will buy a stick blender while I'm out and just wait until I'm back to have anything, won't be out that long, just a few hours so it should be fine. I might fall over on my bum looking for one though! :s Good luck to you other restarters!