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Im Starting Lipotrim on Monday and would like ur ideas....

Hi guys, im starting lipotrim this monday and im just looking for some advise!

Im wondering if it maybe easier on myself to starting eating less before hand so it's not so hard when i actually start.

Or, many people are saying to eat everything i'd possibly crave before hand so i can control cravings afterwards! but im not sure if that will help!!

I'd like to know if any of you guys prepared before hand and if so how?

Thanks a bundle!! :)

x N x

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Hi Kat and welcome aboard the LT train,

It's really up to yourself and how you feel. I've heard from a lot of people that cutting out carbs and cutting down before you start can help to get yourself into ketosis quicker, and make things easier at the start.

I personally can't see how how eating things you crave will control craving cravings afterwards but everyone is different, and it's depends on how you feel yourself.

I never really prepared. I just got up one day, went to the chemist, watched the dvd and started the shakes. Didn't really prepare!

The first few days are rough until you get into ketosis. You'll maybe feel tired, hungry, grumpy, deprived, headachy and even a bit weepy. Once ketosis hits those yucky symptoms disappear.

So it's entirely up to you. Good luck sweetie and I look forward to reading your posts and hearing about your weigh ins!
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Betsy is right just do it!! Read the forum so you'll know what to expect everyone is full of advice and encouragement! Personally I don't feel hungry but sometimes I still crave certain foods but it's because I know how good they tast not because of hunger so binging before you start won't help your still gonna crave things anyway my advice is just get started the sooner you hit ketosis the better and drink drink drink I aim for four litres of water a day that's witout my shakes and cups of green tea :)
Thanks guys thats really helpful! And thanks for making me feel so welcome. On saturday i was so excited... but the fear is slowlykicking in!!

Cant wait to start though, I have got uni tomorrow so i think im just nervous about keeping it a secret from my friends for the time being!

I heard up to days 3-4 is quite a test so wondering how they'll go!

Glad i can blog though... i guess it'll will help to talk to people who understand wat im going to be going through!

I guess time will tell!

Thanks a lot for taking the time out to reply back... the advise is much appriciated!

Will definatly keep u guys informed during my progress.



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Good luck for tomorrow kat, not that you'll need it! :)

Drink some water, and when you're no longer thirsty, just sip a bit more water, and then when you feel like you can't have any more water at all - just drink a bit more water, you'll be at goal in no time! lol


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S: 241.8lb C: 212.1lb G: 175lb BMI: 28.8 Loss: 29.7lb(12.28%)
Oh and you don't really need to prepare, so if you haven't made any preperations, don't worry. The night before I started LT I had a curry, numerous packs of crisps, and a bottle of whiskey lolll, probably loads of other stuff that I can't remember :S
Hey guys!!! Started LT yesterday!! Am trying to fill myself up on water all the time!! Have a 9week old baby girl so decided to give this a go as i am now heavier than i was at all through my pregnancy!!:( have about 7st to lose and hope to have made a good start by the end of April for the christening!!!lol any ideas as to how to keep the willpower going!! i cant seem to stop thinking about food!!! it is the only thing going through my head!!!ha ha im off to a great start!!!lol but i can safely say i am only experiencing hunger for the first time in my life!!!!ha ha ha sad!!!lol any tips???? thanks xxx


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Helpful Tips to try

Hi Jigglebum! LT is hard to do, but in a way is easy because you can't eat anything at all except the shakes so you can't cheat. Helpful Tips:
Visualise yourself at your ideal weight in a great outfit with your friends and family feeling confident and joyful. Try affirmations eg; every day I'm getting thinner and fitter! Pick one you like.
When I lost 3 stone on LT 3yrs ago I found an old photo of me when I was slim and put it where I would see it morning and night. When I felt like breaking out I would say to myself,
"Eyes on the Prize".
When you desperately want to eat chocolate/ chips/pasta/drink wine or whatever, just remember these foods and drinks will always be there and you can have them again in the future.
Don't tell people you're on a diet except your partner and your best friend! People will try to put you off/ give you chocolate cake/ buy you a double v&t with crisps!
If you are out socially and anyone asks why are you not eating or drinking, here are my suggestions;
I'm on a detox/ I'm driving/ I'm on antibiotics/ I had a big lunch/ I have a tummy bug!
People tried to put me off LT last time, until they saw the weight falling off me.
It works, just believe you can do it and you will.
I really hope I haven't bored you senseless!
Go girl x Elf.


Just keep swimming ...
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Hi Elf.

They're really good things to say to people to deflect attention away from the fact you're not eating. I've only told my sister-in-law and my hubby that I'm on this diet as I dont want all the negative comments you get when people know.

I'll use some of them. Thanks

Hope you're seeing the results now n Kat
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you've done fantastic - I am looking to start Lipotrim (again) but will really need some help from people like yourself. My down fall is the wine in the evening - then I start eating....
i'm also learning how to use this sort of support form having never used one before...
Hi Guys!

Apologies for not replying back sooner!... i attempted to write a long message to let you guys know how my first week went and as i clicked send it had disappeared so it put me off writing another one lol!

My first week went better than expected! Lost 9lbs and only had a small side effect of a headache on the second day!

My second week also went well losing 4lbs.... However it has gona downhill since :( and i need helppp!

The day after my second weigh-in was mothers day (14th march) and we had a family meal (which i didnt touch) but was followed by a toffee pecan creme brulee cheesecake... now im not a fan of toffee or pecan... but as i was serving i couldnt help havin a little taste... and then another.... and then some more!!!

Since then i have been nit picking every few days! and im losing my motivation! I had my 3rd weigh-in and didnt lose anything... but im glad a hadnt put on anything either! (if there is a plus side)

I know i wanna do this so i have decided to add an extra week onto the time i was already doing!

Someone please shout at me and get me into the rythem again!! i dont want to give up!! I dont know what is happening its was going so well:(:(

I know i have committed the ultimate lipotrim sin but im looking to regain myself!

Thanks for reading!

Look forward to hearing your replies! (Please feel free to shout at me... someone needs too!)

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