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Im starting SF this week :)

Hi all, Ive been lurking around here for a few days after struggling with the pro points plan. I find I make terrible food choices i.e biscuits, then Im still hungry after using my points for the day and I end up going over my allowance :( I lost 2 stone on the discovery plan and then had a baby and lost my baby weight of 1 stone on pro points but now my weight it just yo-yoing and Ive had enough.

Ive done SW in the past and I love the freedom of not counting points but I didnt used to lose very much as Id go over the top on free food like mullerlights. I need a bit more structure to keep me restrained. So after looking into SF a bit more Im thinking this may be the one for me. I am planning on trying to not use any points for meals and then any snack will pointed.

Im doing this for my kiddies too (daughter 3 years and son 7 months). Ive been awful at cooking healthy food lately as Ive been having ww ready meals and my little girl has been living of processed food :(. So I am going to use SF to make healthy family meals that we can all enjoy.

I do ww online but there is minimal info on SF on their site so I may have tons of questions! Im gonna start Friday so wish me luck please :)
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Hi Clare, what is SF? I'm on WW and have been on SW, so I know what they are. I know what you mean about the freedom of SW. I am having a hard time keeping on track of my points. :( Let me know if you find out more about SF. Terri

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It's Simply Filling, the old Core plan of WW. You just eat foods from the SF list and have a propoints allowance of 49 a week for any food that's not on the list x
Good luck any questions just ask away x that's why I do it as it benefits my family to x
I like to cook from scratch, it's got to the point where I feel guilty if I have a ready meal! I often make a huge amount of food that I can freeze and whip out for when I can't be bothered cooking. Replacement ready meals!
Good luck anyhow hon, I think you and the family will like sf! Xx

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