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I'm Starting TODAY


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Hi all. I've been reading your posts and I am so motivated by your successes. I want to be on week 12 having lost four stone too. Thanks for making it seem possible for me.

I did this diet about three years ago and found it brilliant. I messed it all up by not sticking with it until I got to my target. Then about six months after refeeding my neice passed away (a baby) and I was really upset. I ate for comfort and thought What Harm?. In fairness eating did comfort me and food has been my friend for many years. I always thought that it didnt matter - that at least it was only food I was putting in my mouth - not alcohol or drugs. But lately I see the damage that food is doing to me. I find it hard now to get up the stairs. I can't get down to pick things up off the floor. i am tired all the time. I want to sit watching TV and the thought of exercise - well I think I'd have a heart attack if I tried to exercise such is the state I am in. I never thought that I would eat myself immobile but I have - one mouthful at a time. It wouldnt take that much more before I would just stay in bed all day. My bones hurt. My muscles hurt. I ache if I change the bed sheets. i have three small kids and I can't be an active mother to them. I need to change my habits. I need to lose weight and set a good example for them.

So here goes. Day one. A choc shake and a soup down and a vanilla before bed. I feel good. I am making a change TODAY.

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Welcome Bellerine
This is a great forum lots of help and advice.Just keep drinking the water.
Welcome Bella! Hope the first day has been OK for you.
I'm sorry to hear you have been through such a rough time. Hope you are starting to feel better.
If it helps, I am quite a bit shorter than you, and weighed 18 stone 4lbs when I started. Am halfway through week 5, and at the last weigh in I was 16 stone 2lbs.
Just come in from an hour at the gym, have jogged 1/2 mile, cycled a mile, and rowed 2 miles! I used to struggle with the stairs and everything else before this!
You will start to feel fantastic before you know it. I still have another 6 stone to lose, but I feel like a different person already, am so looking forward to losing the next stone!
Lots of luck, let us know how you get on!


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Thank You

Thanks for the support. Wow Glam Rock Chick Rocks! You are doing soo well. Please keep sharing your story with me. Its really motivating to hear of your successes.

I'm on day three now and doing good so far. It easier than the first time cos I know what to expect both from a pain point of view and a weight loss point of view. The weight loss will cancel out all the pain. I think I am stronger than ever before and really up for this. I am really going to do it. Yea me!

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Hi Bella
Just wanted to say hi and good luck with your first week.
Everyone on here are fantastic people, if you have any problems just post and there will be an answer soon enough. I'm on here everyday as the motivation is fantastic.
Looking forward to seeing your first loss!
Emma x
Hi Bella

Good luck in your first week. It's true it does get easier. I've been on this diet before and couldn't stick to it. For some reason it has just clicked with me now. I feel it's now or never.


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Thanks you guys. Hard tonight. Body in shock!

Hi Bella, hope things aren't too bad for you tonight. Probably your body trying everything it can to get you to eat and store more lovely fat!
It seems like we are programmed to really like fat in our diets, probably because its easy to store and contains lots of energy. Must be from when we lived in caves and didn't know when the next mammoth would come along, so had to eat lots in case we starved for a while. Think my hubby is from that time too!!
Hopefully you will be in lovely ketosis soon and everything will be easier for you.
P.S. Super motivated for the gym now, went tonight and had a gorgeous little instructor all to myself!! Problem is, I'm almost old enough to be his mother :sigh:
Hope tomorrow is a better day for you.


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Day 4

Ok. So now I am ready for Ketosis. I think I must be in it. I feel ok today. Fatter than ever but not hungry. Not craving anything. Not really thinking about food other than in an abstract way.

Could I be there????

If I am that was easy enough. Not as bad as I expected. Just hungry and a bit out of it last night so I had an early night. Not counting ch*ckens though. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?!

Thank you all for your support. It really makes a difference.


p.s. My own weighing scales is showing me 7 lb lighter! There must have been bucket fulls of water lodged in my system.


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Great news Bella.
It gets easier from now on honest.
Only a few days left till your first official weigh in .So good luck and well done for sticking at it 7lbs wow thats great.
7lbs already, this is shaping up to be a great first weigh in for you, honey! Glad you've had a better day today, hope tomorrow is just as good.
Only three days till weigh in!
Take care :)
hey bella - I'm pretty new to the board too, but you sound like you are doing just fine. Keep on going - your first official weigh in will be fantastic! Just the boost you need!


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Thank You

Thank you all so much. You know I wouldnt be able to do this without these boards and the support and sense of community they bring. Blub blub blub.


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