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Extra Easy i'm struggling losing weight


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What does your leader say? I know we all hit a wall sometimes, see if you can rejig your diet, my leader says to do that cos it can help, your body gets used to the same old same old if you know what I mean?
What about exercise? I know its hard to find the time but its worth it x;)
I have been exactly the same. Upto Christmas I was losing lots every week but since January has been very slow and very unpredictable. Going to try some green / red days I think see if that helps :)


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Been doing slimming world for just under 12 months now and i seem to have hovered around the same weight since december... well lost about three pounds in 5 months. any tips??:cry:
You're going to have to give us more to work with. Start by posting your food diary showing what you are eating and how much.
OK yeah i suppose i was a bit vague..... lol
i have tried tweaking and looking at what syn values are in everything i have and i think i'm managing to tighten up ok there. i lost 3 lbs this week so i must be doing something right.
exercise is only walking an hour two or three times a week (to work) but looking at doing a zumba class one evening a week.
i do SW online so i dont have a leader to contact.... kinda why i joined here lol.

will do my food diary for this week (starting today) so i will post it when i've done a week.



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Post it daily. Then we can look it over for you and let you know about things early enough.
That's fantastic!! Well done.

A quick diary summary for the last few days
My breakfast is usually scrambled egg and beams (no milk or butter in them) sometimes mushrooms or tomatoes too.
I also like porridge (B) with blueberries or 4 ryvita (B) with quark on.

I snack on fruit, mullerlight yoghurts, seafood sticks, cous cous (between 1.5 and 3 syns) or mug-a-pasta (free).

My dinner I may have salad with boiled egg, potatoes, ham or chicken. Or chicken breast with microwave rice (1-4 syns). Or a jacket spud with beans and a little sprinkle of cheese.

I drink water, diet coke, green tea and fennel tea but if I do have a normal tea I use a really small splash of skimmed milk and I would only have one cup in a day.

My tea my husband makes so dont always know how much oil n stuff he uses but he knows not to use butter and stuff. We eat plenty of veg, and good lean meat or chicken.

I generally follow extra easy plan.

Any thoughts or questions, feel free to ask x:cool:


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It looks like you're having very little to no superfree (fruit and nonstarchy veggies) with your breakfasts and lunches. This could be a cause. Snacks should always be superfree first.

Any oil etc will have to be synned, so you need to find out how much he is using as this could also be seriously hindering your losses.
Yeah I do try to have more fruit and veg although I do get my 5 a day regularly. We use the spray oil too at home.
Thanks for the reply tho I will try to eat more superfree!
Been doing slimming world for just under 12 months now and i seem to have hovered around the same weight since december... well lost about three pounds in 5 months. any tips??:cry:
I'd recommend changing a few things in your plan. If you stick to the same days etc then try something abit different.
Like a few days of red or green or even success express as that is a really good plan which speeds up weight loss.

Also mix around your healthy extras, try a different one each day for the week.

Try out some new recipes and get plenty of super speed foods in your plan too.

And last but not least try some scan bran and up your water intake.

Hope this helps xxxx


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The key thing with extra easy is to make sure you have 1/3 of every meal as superfree.

For example my lunch today was a tuna jacket potato - so 1/2 a tin of tuna, a smallish spud and a big bowl of salad made of lettuce, scallions, cherry tomatoes, red peppers. My breakfast had mushrooms and then I had a fruit salad with it (melon, pineapple, kiwi and an apple).

It works, but you have got to make sure you have the 1/3 superfree for it to work consistently.

Make sure you weigh & measure your healthy extras and are having them. :)

Soon we'll be looking at your before & after pics!


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Well done on 3lb loss Hun. That's absolutely fantastic. We're all in this together. Xxx



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Well done Kel, keep it going! I know when i hit that wall i struggled for a good two months before i got myself back on track. What i did was just went straight back to basic, started again as if it was my first week, pulled out my food diaries from the first few weeks and stuck to them! Could give that a try?


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