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i'm strugling in wk 6

ah hun, stay strong. think of how good u will feel when u reach target. food will still be there then. i found that when i was really hungry and considering cheating id have a small glass of ribena, know ur not meant to but dont think it did me any harm, also had strawberry volvic all the time.

good luck sticking to it hun, when ur tempted just come on here and some1 will talk u out of it.

x x
hi hun,

this is very simple really - bear in mind a craving lasts for a maximum of 2 minutes. get through the 2 mins and after that its all in your head.

if you REALLY dont want to knock yourself out of ketosis, and you REALLY dont want to start again, then you CANNOT eat. see simple!

ok easier said than done but it can be done, I, amongst many others have done so you knwo you can - if you want it enough.

good luck hun, busy yourself and it gets easier, promise.


irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
This is normal. I think we all get hit wth the munchies from time to time. You have done the right thing by coming on here and talking about it. I find evenings and weekends can be a bit harder as I am less busy then. I try to keep busy at other things. I know it is boring, but, water is the key!!! Keep sipping, sipping and sipping water. It really helps keep the hunger at bay. Keep a bottle with you at all times and just get into the habit of reaching for it when you feel the nibbles at you.
Don't lose heart now, you are well on the way to your new self.
i think alot of feeling hungry is with it being cold, i'm use to eating while snuggling up on the sofa with my kids, i'm hoping i can find a new man to snuggle up with once ive lost all this weight, it was just a wobble and i'll get back on top of things xxxx
Hi hope you are ok. I have days like that when it feels really hard. I have really felt like giving in but then i just think to myself that the good feeling i get from eating will last a few minutes while the great feeling i get from losing weight is with me all the time. Stay strong and remember we are always here for the days when you dont feel strong enough x x
I think the evenings are the hardest because, as you say, a lot of us associate them with eating & that eating is linked in our minds with relaxing/family time, etc. But, you've lost loads! You must already be seeing a massive difference & surely that's worth more than a fleeting pleasure?

Good luck :)

Yes babes unfortunately this doesnt go away it comes back to bite you wen you least expect it the cold really does make it harder. Hopefully that man will come but now just concentrate on yourself keep busy and remember food aint gonna solve anything it will make you feel guilty and horrible. Just hang in there and the cravings will go away.
big thanks

you are all so right i'm constantly carrying a bottle of water with me, i've been keeping really busy even emptying cubards, my house is getting really clean now i have so much more energy, think ill even redecorate before xmas x x
Hiya, we're almost the same height and almost the same weight when we started, i look like a completely new person now! I used clothes as a motivation to stop myself giving into cravings, I would buy jeans a size smaller than what is comfortable, and that motivates me to stay on it, so much so that i can have food in my hand, but i can't bring myself to put it in my mouth! Look at how well you're doing, in such a short space of time, and know that you've done that with your own hard work, it would be such a shame to give in now, and it would be so hard to stick to it once you've given into temptation. Best of luck!
Dont give in, Iv been ill and decided to eat cos I felt terrible, and I'm back on it today, but it is really hard and I'm craving bread. Yesterday I felt like a real failure and just wanted to get back on the diet so I think that If you give in, you will regret it straight away. Keep thinking about how far you have come and drink water, good luck xxx
i'm still on it got weighed today lost 3lb an purchased another wk, so looks like i'm here for another wk, already can't wait to get weighed again,

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Good for you on rallying from your dip. You sound stronger now. Great result on your loss this week. Take it day by day as it is easier to tackle this in bite size chunks.

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