im v worried need advice

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  1. hippychicken

    hippychicken Full Member

    as some of u know i was v ill last week with constipation, and i havent been seen wednesday, at the moment ive got the same tummy ache i had last tuesday and i really really dont want to go though what i went though last week again. ive took some fibersure and ive just brought some psyllium husks from health food shop. i just dont know how long its going to take. as well i dont have laptop at home so i cant reply to any replys but i can look at this website on my fone just not reply, what should i do? :cry:
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  3. Madam Mimm

    Madam Mimm Full Member

    Have you tries Dulcolax? I've taken that before whilst on LL. It won't affect ketosis.
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  4. kat01234

    kat01234 Full Member

    Why don't you try some laxatives? I do when I get a bit bunged up and it works really well, I know when I try things like fibresure etc it can make me feel worse. Get some tablets and I'm sure you'll feel much better when its all out, otherwise I'd go and see your doctor if its no better. Are you drinking enough water that can turn your stools into concrete if you're not. What has your LLC said? Good luck
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  5. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    Not sure if you are saying you have been constipated since last week?

    If you are it is most lightly caused by not drinking enough water and missing out on your LL meals. The recommended water intake is 4 pints (2.27 litres)in addition to the water used to make your LL shakes.

    When problems persist even though you are drinking the required amount of water and all your meals then it is worth taking one spoonful of fibreclear in a glass of water every day as it helps to bulk out the stools and moves things along.

    Fibresure does the same thing but I myself prefer fibreclear. I guess it is all a matter of preference.

    If you are feeling bunged up then you will need to use suppositories in the short term to soften the stool or Dulco-Lax available from your pharmacy.

    With Dulco-Lax don't take more than 2 tablets and wait for 24 hours before attempting to take any more as they are very strong when they act and you need to be in short running range of a toilet.

    Ask your pharmacy as they might recommend something milder...or give your LL counsellor a phone call as she would of dealt with this before as well.

    A brisk 20 minute walk every day also helps keeps things moving.

    I hope you get it sorted soon as it is very uncomfortable.

    Love Mini xxx
  6. Lumpy

    Lumpy One day at a time

    Some of the ladies in my class used to swear by a hot glass of water first thing in the morning. Drink it as hot as you can.

    Otherwise, my advice is to take a laxative like dulcalax to get things moving, then psyllium when things are moving, but keep taking the psyllium every day or you will end up back where you started.

    Good luck x
  7. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Take a laxative if you are constipated. Don't take fibresure or psyllium husks though...only if your 'clear'. It'll make it worse.

    After you'd cleared out ;) if you take the fibre stuff (fibreclear, fibresure, ph) every day (think most people take 2 teaspoons of fibresure per day), it should stop it reoccuring.

    Don't take laxatives daily though, but the fibre stuff is safe to use regularly.
  8. annaphylactic

    annaphylactic Guess who's back...?

    You tried Movicol? I've never tried it personally, but I know people it has helped.... hope you feel better soon xx

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