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I'm very excited cos......


I will succeed!!!
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Sounds yummy - check you out Mrs Greenfingers!!! xxx

Mrs V

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OOOO, lovelly!!!
The food always tastes better somehow when you have grown it yourself! Enjoy!!
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It's lovely to pick your own and then straight in the pot. Taste fantastic. I picked 2 on Tuesday and we had them in an omlette for tea, I was sooooo proud you would have thought I'd won the lottery. Enjoy them and keep growing your own.


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Oh I will for sure! This is my third year and each year I grow more and more things and the excitement of picking the first (and successive) crops never ceases!!


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ooooo how exciting and well done you. I picked my first onion two weeks ago and used one of them in a quiche last night.

My strawberries and raspeberries are coming but not yet turned colour. cant wait...
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Growing veg rocks! Well done you!

I have lettuce in the front (which are being eaten by other creatures) and some beans. I have a tiny amount of soil in which to grow stuff but I'm doing my best! LOL!

Home grown food just tasted the best - whether it's lunch, dinner or tea ;)
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Sounds very yummy! :drool: Once I get my garden sorted I might start growing bits and bobs, enjoy! x


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I have some tomatoes on my plants, but they're still green at the moment.

My runner beans are twirling up the poles but not flowering yet. I got a late start... but oh wow, I love going out there with my pan and picking exactly the amount I need for dinner, cutting them up and cooking them straight away. They blow the shop-bought ones out of the water!!


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Ah I love growing stuff! We havn't this year as I've been busy with my 1yr old. Last year we grew peppers, onions, chilli, runner beans, tomato, black berries, strawberries and red currents, phew! Lol. Can't wait to do it again next year! Xx


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OOh, I am jealous, every year I grow courgettes, but not this year because of the move :(

Mind you, it seems to be a great year for the veggies this year, the few bits I did plant (to help the veg patch look good for the house sale lol!) are doing well, and I might get 4 or 5 french beans in tonights tea - along with three strawberries (there will be a fight for those) and as much parsley as I fancy under the sea bass ...

enjoy those courgettes :)


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a friend of mine at work brought some in for everyone, lovely green and yellow ones, I made the courgette muffins with pesto .... mmmm and only 2.5 syn each


Slow but sure....
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Fantastic, I picked the first of my rocket leaves to have with my salad at lunchtime, and my tomatoes are just turning red....can't wait.

You soup sounds delicious.


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I was late sowing my courgettes, they're nowhere near ready.And I'm the only person I know who has never had a glut of them! But I harvested 42 bulbs of garlic at the weekend, and the mangetout take some keeping up with. I have salad leaves, cos lettuce, spring onions, red and white onions,shallots, spinach, pak choi, broccoli, french beans, runners, 4 lots of potatoes. Aubergines, peppers, tomatoes and 6 sorts of chillis, oh and carrots! Growing veg is my new obsession!

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