Im very very very very excited.


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I'm so excited, i have just rang the church up and said as we have only recently moved would it still be possible to get married there since we dont attened and the vicar said yesssssssssssssss!!:D:D:D:D

So now i really have to get my arse in gear and get rid of these last stones!!!

I'm happy not to be a teenie weenie bride size 12-14 is all i

This is really the thing i need coz once we set a date and hopefully it will be this year i have to do this and stick to healthy eating after LT and im so damn excited...

I was only gonna do LT until i was down to 13 stone but might try it till im 12 stones now. so thats 4 to go :D:D

Anyway i will go back off into my own little world now.
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5 stone to go!
hahaha thats great news hard times just keep thinking about it! argh i bet your so excited!..only youll know what weight youll be happiest at but i wish you all the best on the rest of your journey..youll be sooo happy when you get there.x


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Woo Hoo !! congrats vic - now even more incentive !! you go girl !. :D


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Awwwwwwwwwww brilliant what a lovely incentive :D


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Thanks Ladies!! I'm so not one for attention and was dreading (well not dreading but you know what i getting married but now im going to be slim im really looking forward to it.


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Really happy for you Vicky!! you'll get there no probs!! just have to think about those wedding pictures and how you'll be for the rest of your life!!!!

you just have to make sure that you are doing it for you and not to please anybody else as i'm sure your other half loves you however you are!!! The worst thing to do is to change the way you are for the benefit of someone else as it just makes you resent the reasons why you did it!! and only slip back to the way you were...

The way i think is changing you're eating habits and lifestyle is the most important and losing weight is really a byproduct of that

All the best to both of you for the future!!!

Jay ;)


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awww congrats vicky x i bet your really excited and so you should be your doing really well so keep it up hunnie, i'm sure no matter what your size you'll have a great day but i'll keep my fingers crossed for that size 12-14 for u x


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Thanks Kelly!!x

Im definitely doing it for me Jay ive always hated being fat and used to love going clothes shopping every weekend now i hate it. My OH isnt bothered about my size its just my confinence that bothers him but hopefully that will come with me feeling better about myself.

What was going to be a smallish day is turning into a biggish day the more i think about it... have just gone from having my 2 bridesmaids to



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No wonder you're excited!
Im sure you'll be in your size 12/14 dress :D


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