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I'm worn out! lol

Just been on a 1.5 trek to the local nature reserve. Through forests and climbing up steep banks. The husband was laughing as I was like a beetroot when I came out! lol but feel good for it :)

I have done less and less exercise over the years til the point where I've done nothing for months and months

Don't want to be unfit. Don't want to be fat anymore but also want to be fitter and healthier and live longer. My family history is rubbish for health problems and dying early.

I was thinking of joining the gym but it's hard getting childcare and hubby doesn't get home till 7pm, plus he goes to gym 3 or 4 times a week.
So have decided to do exercise DVDs as soon as I get home from work while I still have the energy. Save on time, money and childcare. Will do it before hubby gets in and jump straight in bath :)
Start of once or twice a week then increase

Sorry to ramble on but feeling quite motivated :)
I will be gorgeously toned and fit lol
Or at least run up the stairs at work without panting

What exercise are you lot doing?
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Well done you! That sounds great fun & you seem so motivated!

I go to BMF (military fitness) at the local park. Been going since april. It's so different to anything I've done before (been to gym/classes etc). I find it hard but I love it. There are 3 groups & I think I will be in the blues (beginners) forever!!

Some of the girls at BMF are starting Zumba on Tues.... Can't decide if I Wang to go.... No co-ordination at all - have you tried it?
Michelle x
Usually I will walk, sometimes jog off and on for 2-3 miles. I also have an exercise bike so I will ride that as well for 45 minutes. It's a great feeling to be motivated isn't it??? :D

To be very honest, I've never been in a program (diet) before where I still feel so hopeful about achieving a goal. Usually I've at least cheated by this point. :rolleyes: :p
Yeah it's great to be motivated! :)
Came home from work today and worked up a sweat with 1.5 hrs of tidying up lol multi tasking. Exercise and clean house

I've never tried zumba but let me know what it's like if you go!

I'm planning on getting out more with the family at weekends, being more active and keeping away from tempting places, like nachos at the cinema, fish and chips at the beach etc lol


Glad you are both doing so well.

It's funny, I didn't think I was getting fitter but today had to run up the stairs at work because the alarm didn't set (4 flights) & I was fine. The lady I was with couldn't breath & I realised that I recovered quickly :0)

Keep up the good work x

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