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I'm worth the effort !

My name is Jacquie and have been on more diets than I care to admit to.
Have done Lipotrim, All About Weight, CD,etc and have had some successes but, never got past 6 weeks.
Well, I am determined to complete 20 weeks...a tall order but, am not stopping till July 29th.

I have been using Avidlite the past 4 days and will be on it for a few more days...then onto Exante by next Tuesday.:D
I started at 20 st on the 10th March and , amazingly, weighed 19.4 this morning!!
Wont weigh myself till Friday as I know I am unlikely to lose anything else as 10lbs in 4 days is nuts!!! Lol.
Hope to be on here a lot...not going to think about the next 19 and a half weeks!:rolleyes:
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Get through each day.
Welcome and good luck. 10lbs so far is great...use that to spur you on through the first week. You will be great!!x
Hi I'm also trying to do 20-21 weeks without a break :) hoping to have lost 4 stone 9 lbs by Aug!! Done 1 week so far but trying to weigh every 4 weeks as I have a full blown scales addiction! Good luck and congrats on the amazing start!! :)


want to mini
Hi Jax.
Like you I have tried every diet you can think of and what money would allow me to buy. Well done on the loss so far, would love to see that on the scales next week.
Good luck and keep going.
Ooooh err,
Have had to come home as felt quite weak all of a sudden.
It's not unusual for me to have this feeling early in a plan...was hopeful of booking leave the rest of the week but, other staff are off and there is no chance of me being able to get any time off. So, have took 4 hours TOIL and going to have a lay down and get some fluids down me.
I am sure I will be fine.will be up and and around later.;)
Good morning,
Day 6 already....amazing how time can go quickly when things are going well ! No doubt it will drag when I will, undoubtedly, have days of woe!?
Still feeling a tad weak this morning, as expected, and will need to keep an eye on my water intake and have my shakes at regular intervals. I did have egg and bacon last night which should be fine as it's all protein. I never manage to stay on just shakes......I have been lucky with weight losses before when having protein based bites of foods. Though I have to make sure I don't slip into introducing too much....!
Hope I feel better later...wish I could have taken leave but, not possible till Monday, so will book that off.
Hope everyone has a good day. x
Oh happy days !:D
I may be feeling a tad weak but, was rewarded with a 13lb loss this morning.
That's the best I have ever acheived on a meal replacement diet in the first week.

Today is the start of week 2 ....just 18 weeks to go.....I know I can do it, wont be easy but, I'm worth the effort;)
Thanks Carly, so far so good... there has been moments of temptation but , I'm not pandering to them!

I know I shouldn't have but,I weighed myself this morning and I am 18.13.....can't believe it. I know I am still incredibly overweight but, when I was about to go over 20 stone 10 days ago, this is such a relief.
Now, I really must stay away from the scales for a few days!
I know this may be the weight I will stay for a week...so, stay away from the scales Jax !!!


really trying again!
Well done indeedy! Fantastic loss so far. I too have a lot of weight to lose (aiming for 10 stone!) and will be trying to stay on plan until November. Keep up the good work and keep us posted how you are getting on. Won't be long til you're in the 17's now.....
Wow congratulations on a brilliant loss :)

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