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Important Wedding coming up - to eat? or not to eat?

In short - help!

My partner's brother's wedding is in september. i will have been on LT for about 20 weeks by then, i'll be about half way through my journey. The pharmacist is starting to say to me that to be on LT for 10 months isnt really good for me. i'm wondering shall i refeed for the wedding and jump straight back on after?

I don't really want to come off it because it's going so well!! but i know i will struggle to enjoy the wedding without it as the bride and her family are very judgemental about what i'm doing. i feel so conspicuous around them drinking the shakes.

also - what harm would it really do me to just eat at the wedding with no refeed and jump back on after. i know i'd have like no weight loss but if i avoided the carbs and the booze - would it hurt me?

honest advise please!

Thanks guys xxx
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Not sure what to say really but I am having the same thoughts as I am going away in 3 weeks so am wondering what to do myself. Am going to speak to the pharmacist on wednesday i think. And any advice is welcome. I am thinking to come off for a week and then straight back on but its easier said then done because your body has had food and you have to go through that rough first week again.


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If you are going to eat, i would personally just eat at the wedding, one meal and then straight back on the shakes. You shouldn't cause too much damage that way. If you refeed then you will be in danger of not getting back on the shakes!

However, I wouldn't encourage anyone to eat when they are doing so well. Have you not thought about just having some lovely sparkling water? Imagine the sense of achievement you will feel after the wedding for having gotten through it food free!?

good luck with whatever you decide to do! xx
It will be harder to jump back on than stick with it and take the pain for one day imo

Altho if i was in that situation i would do as vickie said above tbh

down to you if you feel you can get straight back to it


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Hi Sarah,
I too have a wedding but at the end of July, I am hoping I will be on LT at that date and have no intention of coming off for the wedding. I say hoping as we never know what may come up. However I have no intention of letting anyone (save a medical professional) make me stop this diet. It has been the single most important decision I have made in regard to my health and I love seeing the weekly changes in my body. I will not be the ideal weight I would like at the wedding but I will be a damn sight better than I was the last time they would have seen me. The friend I am going with knows I am on LT and knows I intend to stay on it at the wedding.
In regard to the bride surely she and her family will be so busy with the wedding themselves they will not even notice. If your partner is on your side then what does it matter what the rest of them believe. I am sorry you don't feel supported but let them be judgemental, it is their issue not yours.
If at the end of the day you still feel like breaking it for one day then please don't drink alcohol as it is very dangerous to do so on this.
Hopefully you will see how things are going in September and be so enthused you won't even think of breaking it.
Whatever you decide I wish you all the best, your weight loss has been great so far and will only get better.
hi sarah, to be honest, it's a really hard decision, but i think if you could just have a meal, a small one avoind carbs and lots of fats, have a shake before the wedding and one after than i think you wouldn't do as much damage perhaps. it could be better that way. But in everything you should enjoy yourself, and see it as a celebration of your achievements, that way you will keep things in perspective. good luck whatever your decision


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Honestly? It's nearly three months away. I personally would stick at LT, and on the day just have two shakes and the main meal (no starter or dessert)- i.e. just the meat and veg with no potato. It's a big occasion, not just a 'regular' wedding, and you'll have been on it for a long time by then? One meal like that will not knock you out of ketosis, and as long as you avoid alcohol, you'll not throw yourself off too much. BUT- this is just my opinion, and I know others will say stick to LT no matter what. At the end of the day you'll have to decide yourself- but as I said- it's quite a way off, so wait a while and see what you think closer to the time.


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Hi Sarah Lou.

Doirin's advice is excellent and she is very strong. IrishMum is also very strong as we know. However I agree with IrishMum and in your position I would also opt for 2 shakes and a main meal avoiding all carbs and alcohol.

I treated my mum to a weeknd away for her birthday and whilst she is fully supportive I ate to save her being uncomfortable - it really would have spoilt it for her and made her feel guilty for eating in the restaurant in front of me.

So I drank sparkling mineral water, and ate a piece of baked trout. I didn't eat any carbs whatsoever. My weight loss could have been affected but I still lost 2lbs for which I am very grateful. It was easier to get straight back on it the day after and I haven't strayed since.

But its down to you in the end - don't beat yourself up whichever route you choose.

Good luck.x
Personally, I'm a 100% girl - do LT all the way to goal. So that's the advice I try and give out. I just think I would find it too hard to get back onto LT after a break.

And really, what's the point if you're just going to have one meal? is food really that important? In my opinion, it's not, so i wouldn't do it. The company and the event is important - the food is not.

The important thing is that you are there at the weddng and enjoy the special day with your friends and loved ones.

Bride and her mum had damn well better be too busy to fuss over or judge what you're eating, or not eating!

But only you can make the decision...


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ok honestly - just to come off and have one meal at a wedding reception where people are guna judge you isn't worth it!!!!!!!!! it'd be pointless, what would you achieve?

Those who judge you would probably judge you more for not being able to stick to it at a wedding reception - harsh but thats what people will think and wouldnt you want to show them otherwise?


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Well, I for one have done LT without anyone knowing- and thats the way I'll keep it. I'm a reserved person who hates a fuss, and to have people look at me & judge me for doing a VLCD in the first place would horrify me. I would rather quietly eat a small meal than draw attention to myself by not eating at all, or pulling out a shake to have while everyone else eats- I'd rather avoid the situation altogether. Thats why I would eat the carb-free meal, have my two shakes, and go back 100% to LT the next day.
But if people know you're on it, then I'd be likely to stick to it 100% on the day and have people praise you for your commitment (and losses!). If they don't know you're on LT, and you have the strength to wade through the comments you'll get for not eating anything, then fair play to you- I couldn't hack it.
But, as I said, at the end of the day only you will know what's best for you, and what will get you through the day.


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I get your point irish and see why youd wana eat as to not to draw attention but it'd be an amazing achievement for you sarahlou to put yourself in that situation and show the people who are criticising you for doing something for yourself that you can and are doing it :)

Mind you - you do have a few months yet to make your decision :)


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Totally! Thats why I said if people knew she was on it then I'd stick to it 100% to give all the 'know-all's' the two fingers! LOL!
Sarah-lou, if you keep losing the way you are, you'll be too busy fending off the compliments to worry about what you are or are not eating! LOL!


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Sarah-lou, if you keep losing the way you are, you'll be too busy fending off the compliments to worry about what you are or are not eating! LOL!
LOL thats true!! :D
Hi Sarahlou

3 months is fair way away gal. Just think how much weight you would have lost by then, you'll look and feel great at the wedding. Brilliant advice from IrishMum, I too am very private about my LT jouney, only my hubby and daughter know, keeping all my energy to myself and not having to explain to so-and-so why, what, whatever :blahblah:. I think 2 milkshakes and then a healthy choice meal. This is a lifetime now of healthy choices if we want to be slim and correct BMI. Also ditto with the no alcohol, sip your mineral water...its not boring, not when you can fit into lovely clothes and feel confident about yourself.
No more food reward...clothes reward :wee:


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Hi Sarah

Well, I think you have enough comments to digest, but I just wanted to say; only you can now make the decision and I am sure it will be the right one.

Like a lot have said, you have plenty time left to make that decision.

I have had to attend quite a number of functions, etc and I must admit I have not eaten anything apart from my shakes. I havent felt left out, and felt ellated afterwards as I knew I had conquered another hurdle, but not had to go to a wedding.

Forget what others think, and just you concentrate on you and what you want out of life and if that means not eating...fine, so be it. Just dont sit at the table - just wander around until they have finished????? That is what I would do, but only you know what you can cope with.

Your weight loss has been amazing, and I am sure by that time, you will have lost another 3stone plus!!!!!!

I hope you make the right choice for you; dont think there has been a right or wrong answer here - we are all so different and can deal with situations in different ways.

Take care.
oh my god you guys make me wanna cry! you're like a whole circle of friends that just understand everything!! :grouphugg:

you are all right!! (hence my dilemma!) i think the best thing to do is probably see how it goes. i'll have to make a decision when they want to confirm numbers for catering but that may be a couple of months off anyway.

I wish they werent getting married until next year! then i could eat and drink (sensibly of course) and also wear something fab! but i'll probably still be 16stone or something come september so will have to but something nearer the time (as who knows what will fit!) and make it cheap as hopefully i wont be able to wear it for too long!

ah selfish bride & groom ;)

also they only got together in february! so surely it would make sense to get married next year!! lol wishful thinking hehe. xxx


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Hiya, Personnaly I wouldnt eat.

But if you do make sure you refeed properly!

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