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In Flight meal...and hotel breakfast...


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Hotel breakfast - fruit/yoghurt is probably going to be your best bet.

Flight - probably too late now as it normally has to be done in advance - but i'd have booked a low-fat meal - won't be perfectly on plan but every little helps (you also tend to get served earlier then everyone else as well and you actually get hot (rather then sometimes tepid) food. (call your airline and ask if it's still possible to book a special meal).

Otherwise - take fruit with you for the airport - but i wouldn't take any onto the plane so as to avoid any problems with customs/immigration/pest control laws at your destination.


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Breakfast is easy - as Ian has said, fruit and yoghurt or toast with low fat spread, bacon with fat removed, poached eggs.
As for the in flight meal, not much you can do here. I'd just eat it to be honest. It's one day. Take cereal bars for afterwards and don't eat the desert.
In flight food is usually horrible anyway. Take a sandwich.

Lots of countries have restrictions on taking fresh food in. Check online about this. I remember reading about someone who got into terrible trouble at an airport because she had a banana in her bag!


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If you are doing red day, buy a couple of packets of cooked chicken breast or roast beef at M&S at the airport & have that instead of the main meal. also take fruit for pud.
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Oh Maketak, I know it's horrible to know you'll be out of your comfort zone and not in control of the food available to you.
I got to France regularly for work and it is SO hard to try and stay on plan - even salads have loads of oil on and everything seems to be cooked in butter. I find the best plan is to go red and stick to grilled meat, cutting the fat off where I can.
I do get some funny looks though from the French who must wonder why I'm so much fatter than them when I am so anal about ruining a good meal ;)


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We went to the US at Easter and I took fruit on the plane with us. They did say on the plane that we wouldn't be able to take it in through security so I just made sure it was eaten beforehand. Like Ian said if it isn't too late ring the airline and ask for a lowfat meal.
I personally dislike airline food so I got a sandwhich and a chicken noodle salad thing for the plane and had those and said no to snacks etc when they were handed out. Some cereal bars should do the job nicely for you but otherwise stock up on some low syn snacks to munch on as needed.
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i never eat much on the plane, we always fly with virgin long haul and there offerings are normally some kind of chicken or beef with mash and vegs, some fruit or choc pot,salad and a roll, they even bring out ice creams mid flight...lol

My son is Autistic and i always request a jacket potato for him with cheese and beans and they accomadte us well and it tastes good so you could ask for this...he had it on his first flight (i think was a crew meal...?he was being fussy and they brought it out.) and now expects it everytime.

Its hardly a normal day reflective of your eating habits, just take snacks with you make sure to drink loads , flying dehydrates you!!

have fun xxx

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