In ketosis but tummy still grumbling!


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Hi everyone

I started Lipotrim for the first time last Thursday and am determined to see it through! I was hugely shocked to see my weight last week but it's the heaviest i'm going to weigh.

I found the first couple of days rough - thinking about food all the time, no energy and even my eyesight was going a bit funny. This weekend I thought I would stay home out of people's way incase I was growling too much but have been okay apart from my rumbling tummy. I checked today and i'm in ketosis but the hunger pangs are not subsiding - it's not just craving food but my tummy is really grumbling away. I've been drinking plenty of water and following everything else to the letter. Please tell me that goes?!
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not long now stick with it, its all worth it and good luck on your 1st weigh in:)


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Hi, I'm on week 4 and my belly still rumbles, but I don't feel the hunger like you mentioned, in fact these past 2 days I've almost forgotten my shakes, but my belly definitely rumbles, especially in the mornings and nights, during the day it doesn't, probably cos it's full of water/shakes :) but yeah, I don't think the belly rumbling will subside but the hunger definitely will, you'll feel much better the longer you stay at it


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day 4 here and my hubby says hes sick of my belly talking to him lol


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My tummy rumbles all the time! I just see it as an alarm clock to take my shake or have some water!

I found that even though i got to ketosis by day three, it took a good 5-7 days to stop feeling hungry. Soon you wont feel hunger at all :)


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Everyone goes in at different times.. soon the hunger pangs will disapear.. and the grumblies will go eventually too!!


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S: 19st6lb C: 14st9lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 31.2 Loss: 4st11lb(24.63%)
Thank you all! Today was alot better but I didn't have time to think about it as I was rushed off my feet on a long day at work.

Did have to turn over from Masterchef though - that was just too much. Hopefully the weigh in on Wednesday will be enough to spur me on