In LABOUR, 40th birthday & alcohol!

Discussion in 'Route to Management' started by katalena, 27 November 2009 Social URL.

  1. katalena

    katalena Enjoying life!

    My niece is in hospital as we speak, in labour. She is 4cm dialated :D:D:D


    I am going out tonight as it is a good friend's 40th birthday.

    I am in week 4 RTM so not "able" to have alcohol until next Wednesday when I start week 5.


    I would really like ot be able to have a couple of drinks tonight to celebrate friend's birthday and birth of beautiful lil boy....

    What do people think?

    I am going to text LLC and see what she says too.

    I am not planning to go mad, just a couple :)

    Kat xx
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  3. Jezebella

    Jezebella Playing the Angel

    Kat Darling

    You are an adult <G> think in adult mode and make the right decision for you. I reckon as long as you don't go off and get trolleyed and stick to a glass or 2 then reduce other calories accordingly you should be just fine!!!

  4. thin_inside

    thin_inside I Can Do This!

    I agree with Jez. Introducing a glass or two of wine a few days early isn't going to put you off the rails. A drinking binge might :confused:.

    I think you are more than capable of making an adult decision about what is right for you in the situation. If you need to talk it through with your LLC, then that's what she/he is there for and it will be added reassurance.
  5. Jezebella

    Jezebella Playing the Angel

    Kat, it is a good idea to make these decisions for you, because hunni in 8 weeks for you and in less than 2 weeks for me it is all bloody freefall!!! and we are out there on our own in the big old world of food, where we will need to make these kind of decisions everyday, get the practice in whilst you can <G>

  6. katalena

    katalena Enjoying life!

    I wasn't planning on binge drinking, it is not something I have ever done :) so I have no worry about going "off the rails".

    I have always enjoyed having a few drinks and look forward to going back to that.

    hmmm decisions decisions :)

    Thank you Jez & TI

    Kat xx
  7. Jezebella

    Jezebella Playing the Angel

    Kat, if it helps, I planned to have a glass of wine in week 1 RTM whilst on holiday, really wanted to, and really wanted the wine,but when the time came to actually have it, I thought mmm don't really fancy it, so as long as it is planned then I really forsee no problems.

  8. katalena

    katalena Enjoying life!

    I said that earlier when someone at work asked me just a few minutes ago what I will have if I do have a drink and I said oh I don't know, I will only have it if I fancy it. I just want to make the decision before I go rather than decide on the hoof, if you know what I mean :)

    Thanks hunni

    Kat xx

  9. thin_inside

    thin_inside I Can Do This!

    Plan, plan, plan. :D

    Important thing is to look ahead and have a plan to stay in control whilst achieving your aims and goals for the events.

    Enjoy yourself celebrating and I hope your niece has an easy birth. xx
  10. katalena

    katalena Enjoying life!


  11. katalena

    katalena Enjoying life!

    Freddi was born at 1153 this morning, 8lb 2oz. Mum & baby doing really well and I am on my way to see them now and I am soooooooooooooooooooooo excited!!

    I have made the adult decision to have a drink tonight and I have to say I am looking forward to it.

    Kat xx
  12. kenshin112

    kenshin112 Gotta Make A Change

    Congrats Kat
    god bless
  13. daisydoll

    daisydoll Well-Known Member

    good news, congrats
    def have the drink to celebrate!
    daisy x
  14. Jezebella

    Jezebella Playing the Angel

    Congrats hunni!!

  15. Morticia

    Morticia Happy in my own skin

    Hi Kat,

    hope you enjoyed seeing the baby, and having your drink...:D
  16. Gibby

    Gibby Member

    Congratulations Kat, hope everything went well with the birth and the night out! :)
  17. katalena

    katalena Enjoying life!

    Fantastic! I had a fab night. Enjoyed having (a few) drinks! Felt lovely and fuzzy! No hangover :)

    Great Aunty Kat xx
  18. kenshin112

    kenshin112 Gotta Make A Change

    Congrats once again Kat :D

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